What the Signs Want You to Know: Beyond the Stereotypes

Everyone just wants to be understood. Here are some of the main things weighing on the signs minds.

Aries: I’m not as selfish as you think. I have a huge heart. It shouldn’t be considered selfish to go after what you want, and not let anything get in the way. I think of those I love, while I think of myself. Yes, I’m independent. When I have been wronged, I will be mad. Doesn’t this make me human?

Taurus: I do love the high life! But who doesn’t? I wish money grew on trees… again, who doesn’t? I’m a bigger dreamer than you realize, and a harder worker than you know. Once I decide something will get done – it gets done. And it simply looks effortless. Don’t mistake my love of the finer things in life and relaxed personality as gluttony and laziness. There’s more to me than you realize. Also, I’m hilarious.

Gemini: I am not Satan. I don’t really care that people think that about me, because nothing I do is done to purposefully seem confusing or mean. I have a lot of thoughts swirling in my head, and I love discussing them. I change my mind a lot, but it’s because change is good. My mind isn’t really a matter an angel versus a devil complex. Sometimes I’m in the mood to talk, and other times I’m in the mood to ponder. It rarely has anything to do with you.

Cancer: Okay, everyone has me figured out. I realize that. I am creative, and thoughtful, and sensitive. I know my hard shell is hard to break through, but I have been hurt so many times before that I don’t want to be taken advantage of again. What’s pretty cool about my mind is that while I am creative, I am also very logical. I am devoted to my family on a deep level. They mean the world to me.

Leo: Let’s get something straight: I am actually one of the most loving people you will ever meet. I am not always arrogant, but what’s the big deal if I am? We all should love ourselves a little more. Yes, I’m dramatic. Doesn’t that make life more interesting? I am just as selfless as I am selfish. I know I have pride, and that is probably my biggest weakness and strength. I get what I want, and when I don’t get it, I fight until I do.

Virgo: I’m so much more sensitive than I let on. Everyone knows me as this logical and intelligent, mature person. I need someone I can vent to, otherwise my messy mind will ruin me. That being said, I’m one of the most talented people you will ever meet. The sciences intrigue me the most, but I am also very musical. Instruments are a science.

Libra: Everyone knows me as being so balanced and put-together. I am organized in the cutest way possible; and if you need something planned, I’m the person to call. Underneath all of this unbiased advice and neat, fashionable living space is an emotional wreck. I hate talking about it, I hate people knowing about it. But in order to understand me, it’s best to get that out right now. I hate being alone, and luckily my people skills are great to help with this.

Scorpio: Mysterious. Dark. Twisty. Sexual. My sign is such a stereotype! My emotions show through my eyes and my hair. I speak my mind and don’t hold back. How is this mysterious? I’m incredibly loving and loyal, just please, don’t cross me. I can sting to hurt when you’ve hurt me or someone I love. Don’t try to hide from me; I know your biggest strengths, weaknesses, dreams and fears. What perfect traits for someone who needs to be understood?

Sagittarius: I think I’m the most misunderstood of the signs. I’m not always optimistic. I’m not always down for a spontaneous road trip. I am pretty much always down for a free discourse of ideas. Philosophy, religion, music – you name it, I want to discuss it.

Capricorn: The dad of the zodiac. Just call me Daddy. I have a pretty dry sense of humor, but listen; I’m pretty hilarious. Don’t let my workaholic nature trick you into thinking I’m boring. I’m also a softie, even though I tend to be the big scary boss you all want to please. I’m either the best person you’ll ever meet, or me trying so hard to be perfect will drive me to insanity. You can help keep me in check.

Aquarius: First of all: IDK why Tumblr forums hate me so much?? All I want is to be adored by everyone. The thing is – I’m so incredibly nice, understanding and hilarious that you really don’t have any good reason not to like me. I’m more independent than I come off and will go into hiding when I’m feeling suffocated. I keep busy with a smile on my face so nobody ever knows that I’m stressed beyond belief on the inside.

Pisces: The most emotional, sensitive, sad, pitiful little sign. I’m not weak. I am a doormat to everyone I know and have been my entire life. So, no, I’m as strong as it comes. I have this saving complex, and need help identifying when I’m trying to help a lost cause. I’m not always motivated by my dreams, but when I am, what I create is beautiful.

Hopefully this helps you see a little bit clearer into the minds of the unique signs around you.

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