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What the Houston Astros Cheating Scandal Should Teach us About the Cheaters in our Lives

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

The Houston Astros just took the world of the MLB by surprise and shook every baseball fan. Every sports fan for that matter. After winning the World Series in 2017 it recently came to fruition that the Astros were using devices in which it allowed them to know the pitch that was coming before the pitch came. In simple terms, the Astors cheated the rules of baseball. More importantly there has been little to no consequences for any other the players and small consequence for the organization as a whole. Now, I’m not saying this is a good thing, but I am saying this is a lesson. Not for the Astros, (godspeed to Houston) but this is a learning lesson for us, the observers. Let’s get into it. 

Recently, the Intelligencer released this article on the whirlwind that has unfolded throughout the MLB this season. The title says it all “it’s only gotten nuttier.” So you’ve got the be “nuts” to forgive a cheater right? Well the Astros have not only created a mega (and I mean mega) story in the sports world but given me a few tips on what we can learn from a cheater. We all have those in our lives.

The story done by Will Leitch does a step by step of what has happened through the cheating scandal, I’m going to break these down into a lesson about the cheaters that ever presently surround us today. (Note: numbers 5 & 6 from the article are not included in our lesson.) 

1. Baseball fans have decided cheating is no longer acceptable in any form. (Or at least they better have.)

    Alright so I hope this one is self explanatory, but if it’s no, read it again. Cheaters should not be allowed to have any excuses that should make it okay. Don’t cheat and there is no reason to explain yourself. So if cheating is cheating, it’s not okay. Whatever that cheating may entail. 

2. There is literally nothing any Astro can say that will make this better.

    Why are we treating the baseball players that wanted to win with more hatred than the person that cheated broke your heart? Don’t fall into the pressure of wanting to forgive for no reason. I do believe that people deserve a second chance, but cheating should not be taken lightly. If the Houston Astros pissed you off, so should your significant other. 

3. There is very little evidence that the Astros won a World Series because of cheating. 

    First and foremost, what exactly did this cheating accomplish? The Astros now no longer have the same authority in their World Series win. It doesn’t seem as important. If you are in a relationship and someone cheats, there is less validity to the relationship. This happens no matter what. There’s no going back because the trust is broken. 

4. None of that matters, because people will believe what they want to believe.

    This goes for the person in the cheating, the person it affected and those that are close to either party. People will take sides and cheating becomes a thing. When the cheating happens your reputation changes. So this lesson is for the cheater out there. People will not believe in you. People will believe whatever they want to. Actively work to prove them wrong. 

5. Players are speaking up and speaking out in a way they never have before.

    Players from all sports are speaking out against the cheating and talking about the negative consequences. This is coming out through sports, but should be in the same regard in personal lives. Speak out against the cheating and stand up for yourself. No one deserves to go through a cheating scandal. This can be implemented in any facet of life. Speak up against the things you don’t agree with and take a stand. 

6. The Astros aren’t the only team in the mix here, but that may not matter either.

    There’s two people in every cheating situation. Don’t blame the one that cheated with them in order to not fault the other. It takes two to tango, remember. Although it will affect more than one person, try to stay strong through it. Don’t hold blame over only one and make sure the full story is out there before any major thrash choices. But go off, you deserve that too. 

7. This is a scandal with no logical end.

    It’s a complicated world and we’re just living in it. It takes a while to heal and move on, but there is an end. Although it may not seem like it, this isn’t baseball and it will end. One day we all move on and it gets better. Hold out for that. 

8. This remains a fun baseball scandal.

        Cheating isn’t fun, but the story will stick with you. For this purpose in baseball it made people invested again and made people pay attention to baseball. It had non sports fans tuning in to hear more about the drama. The same will happen if you publicize the cheating. I know we all love a good shady Instagram post or a subtweet but for the time try to keep it to yourself. Figure it out together before slandering through social media. Or be Halsey and write “You should be sad” I guess that works too. 

    A note to those who know me; if I ever forget this please make me read my own writing again. I think we could all use a reminder once in a while. You got this, just learn from the Astros. And probably also don’t cheat. 

U of U Journalism Major! BIG sports girl.