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What Has Our HC Team Been Up to This Summer?

Summer is a time best spent with friends, traveling, relaxing, and taking a little break from the stresses from the school year. Your Her Campus writers have certainly lived up to that! Here’s what some of us have been up to these past few months:


Erin Sleater

Erin had the opportunity to attend PINK brand training as a campus representative at the Victoria’s Secret/PINK headquarters in Columbus, Ohio!

Kim Davidson

This summer, Kim spent some time in California, visiting places like the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Disneyland!

Ailish Harris

Ailish clearly had a blast this summer. She got to fly off to Japan, visit Disneyland, and attend the Ariana Grande concert with Kim! 

Allyson Berri

Next up, we have Allyson absolutely killing the game in Washington, D.C. and New York City!

Henry Coburn

Henry took a trip to Denver, Colorado this summer! As a Denver native, I can confirm that this coffee shop is bomb.

Elly Smith

Elly lived out all of our Mean Girls and Sex and the City dreams a few months ago in New York City!

Ellie Bresler

It’s me! I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in London this summer, and it was seriously life-changing. After my program ended, I spent some time traveling in France and Switzerland. I’ve got this tourist thing down, pat.


Our entire Her Campus team has had such and amazing summer, and we’re v sad to see it end. Luckily, the start of the school year means we’ll all be reunited, and we’ll get to hit the ground running with all the content you’ve been waiting for!

Photo Source: Her Campus Utah members

Ellie is a junior at the University of Utah double majoring in Ballet and Strategic Communications. In addition to Her Campus, she is also a member of It's On Us. She loves to travel, is a big fan of all things fashion, and has an unhealthy obsession with cute coffee shops. You can find her (and her blog) on Instagram @ellie.bresler
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