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He sent you a text at 11 PM and you’re pretty sure that he wants to Netflix and Chill, but what if he wants to talk about his feelings?

We’ve all done it. We have all just sat there and tried to think about what a guy’s text REALLY means. If he asks me ‘wyd’ does he really just want me to be flirty or casual? Does he really want to know what I’m doing or does he want to hang out with me?

I GET IT. It’s like our sixth sense. We over think everything, but it’s all for good reasons right? I’m not trying to overreact but he doesn’t give me much to go off of..

So I decided to ask a few guys what they really mean by some of the text messages that us females seem to never be able to really read into. 

In all honesty, do we really know what guys are thinking? They don’t know what we are thinking, do they? What if there is a deeper meaning to ‘WYD’?

So here are the questions and responses given; I asked a variety of guys from that guy you met on Tinder, to the guy you’ve liked since high school, the frat boy who is in your favorite house, and even the guy who just goes to class and goes home, because all guys think differently, right?

1) If you send a text saying “wyd” at 11 pm, what are the reasons behind it?

– 29% of guys said that they are just asking to make conversation.

– 29% of guys also said that they are trying to Netflix and Chill.

– 42% of guys said that they want to talk to a girl because they have something they want to get off their mind.

2) When you take 60 minutes to respond to a text with a girl that you are texting daily, is it mostly because..

– 86% of guys said it was because they were busy and really couldn’t respond at that time. 

3) If a girl asks you to hang out, and you say “some other time” but you are free at that moment, what is the main reason behind denying it?​

– 38% of guys said that they don’t have time to hang out with her

– 50% of guys said it was because they ‘don’t like her like that’

-12% of guys said it was because they would try to make a move and they don’t know how it would go.

4) What are some examples of text messages you would send to someone that you consider to just be your friend?

– “Wyd weenie,” “Sup dude/homes/my nigga,” “Hey what up homegirl.”

5) Do you think if a girl adds emoji to a text message, that it makes it more interesting?

– 90% of guys said yes.

6) Does the amount of time that you spend texting a person show that they are less or more gf material? 

– 70% of guys say that the more time you spend texting with them, the more they see you as girlfriend material. 

– 30% said the time doesn’t matter.

7) What are some texts that you think girls are overreacting about that you want them to know about?

– “When I’m texting late, it doesn’t mean I want to smash,” “When I say to chill out, don’t take that to an extreme,” ” If I do something trivial like adding a period after the sentence, I was just trying to be grammatically correct. It does not have some deeper underlying meaning.”

Overall, guys seem to all think similar to one another, when there’s something that you’re not sure what he is trying to get across, take a minute and think if it’s really something that has a deeper meaning. Most guys just enjoy texting you as much as you enjoy texting them. In all honesty, if he is boring and hard to read when it comes to text messages, maybe he isn’t someone you should be spending your time and effort on. We go to college, we work, we have social lives. Trying to break down a guy’s text message doesn’t have to happen.

Hey there fellow Her Campus readers! My name is Nancy Gomez, I'm a Junior at the University of Utah. I am from the West Valley City area, and am an Athletic Training major, so you can bet that I love sports, and that's one of my main topics when writing articles. I love to cook, and binge watch Narcos on Netflix! I'm super excited to be writing for Her Campus for the first time and can't wait to see what's next. GO UTES!
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