Wallows' “Nothing Happens” Album Review

Wallows, an indie rock band from Los Angeles, released their first full-length album on March 22, 2019. This band is composed of three members: Braeden Lemasters, Cole Preston, and Dylan Minnette (yes, from 13 Reasons Why). This band has been releasing music since 2017, but this album marks their first major music release.

Prior to the album debut, three tracks from “Nothing Happens” were released as singles: including “Are You Bored Yet?”, “Scrawny”, and “Sidelines”.  

Wallows’ music is punchy, energetic, and emotional. Although their music can be primarily captured under the indie rock genre, they also incorporate some punk, alternative, and bedroom pop elements.

Currently, Wallows is about to embark on a tour across the US and Europe. Their tour begins with their performance at Coachella, but go here to see if Wallows is touring somewhere near you!

“Nothing Happens” opens with the track, “Only Friend.” This song is upbeat, happy, carefree, and light. As the first track of the album, this song serves as a great introduction to Wallows’ blend of indie rock and pop with its strong guitar rhythms and faster tempo.  

Although most of the album is consistent and representative of the Wallows sound, the track, “Ice Cold Pool,” slightly stands out. This track incorporates a few more jazzy elements, but it still flows with the overall feel of “Nothing Happens.”

The album closes with “Do Not Wait.” This track has a slower tempo, and the song is twice as long as most of the other tracks on the album. Yet, because this song is placed at the end, it feels like a clear conclusion and bookends the album as a whole.

Some of my favorite lyrics from the album are:

  • “I’d switch it up but I don’t like change / Only content if things stay the same” – Scrawny
  • “Am I afraid of you? / Or do I pretend I don’t care?”  - Worlds Apart
  • “Go ahead tell me now what you like / Maybe this time I’ll listen” – What You Like

My favorite songs on the album are:

  • "Treacherous Doctor"
  • "Scrawny"
  • "Remember When"
  • "I'm Full"

Overall, “Nothing Happens” is a light-hearted, quick-paced, and sentimental album.

If you’re looking for artists similar to Wallows, check out Declan McKenna, COIN, Weathers, Hippo Campus, Hunny, Peach Pit, and Glass Animals.

If I had to give this album a rating, I would give it 4/5 stars!

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