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Voter’s Guide to the Utah Candidates

With Election Day fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about candidates, and I don’t just mean presidential candidates. Whether you received a mail in ballot or will be heading to your local library, or to the U's voting center in the Marriott Library on November 8th, you will still be voting for Utah elections along with presidential. This is something to keep in mind before voting so you can not only make an informed decision on a presidential candidate, but also all other Utah candidates. Here’s a guide to everything that you will be voting on come Election Day.


U.S Senate:

 Next week, you will be voting to elect a member of the Senate for a six year term. Here are those running:

Misty K Snow- Democrat

Bill Barron- Unaffiliated

Stoney Fonua- Independent American Party

Mike Lee- Republican

U.S House of Representatives:

You also will be voting to elect a representative for a two year term, who will represent the state of Utah on a national level. Here are the candidates:

Rob Bishop- Republican

Craig Bowden- Libertarian

Chadwick H. Fairbanks III- Unaffiliated

Peter C. Clemens-Democrat



One of the most important offices to vote for this election is the election of a Governor to serve your state for four years. Those running are:

Gary R. Herbert-Republican

Superdell Schanze- Independent American Party

Brian E Kamerath- Libertarian

Mike Weinholtz- Democrat


Some other state offices you will be voting for are attorney general, state auditor, state treasurer, and state house of representatives (depending on your district.) In addition to voting in the state races, you will also be voting in a county and school board race for the area that you live in. Additionally, the ballot has a section dedicated to the judges of Utah, which you will vote yes or no to retain them in office. Not only are you voting to elect people into office, there is also a section dedicated to constitutional amendments. You will be voting on whether you are for or against passing these amendments.

 As I’m sure we all get caught up the presidential elections; it is important to know that you also will be voting for offices that are both on a state and local level. These elections are just as important as the presidential so before November 8th, make sure you know who is running and what they stand for. If you don’t know anything about those running or want to know who they are and their basic policies you can visit www.utah.gov for information regarding Utah candidates. So get out there and practice your rights. Happy voting, collegiates! 

Kaylee Ann Mortensen is a student at the University of Utah studying International Studies and English. In her free time she can be found reading, trying to master the language of french, looking up pictures of grizzly bears, and eating french fries.  
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