Utah Ute Voter Profile: Bailey Carver

Bailey Carver has been serving Her Campus at the University of Utah for the last two years starting as a writer, moving up to Events Director, and now holds the position of Campus Ambassador. We asked Bailey why she was so excited to vote in this upcoming election! "I am voting for the first time this year and needless to say, I am very excited to participate. This election has been classified as the one that really matters and although I completely feel that is true, I also believe every election matters, both on the local and the national level. I think I am most excited to vote this year because of our local election, with candidates like Misty Snow, I think the ballots are a strong representation of how our community is changing and the exciting elections and laws coming. I am voting because I want to be part of this growth." 


Don't forget to head to the polls on November 8th at the University of Utah library and use your voice to cast your vote!