The Ultimate SLC Dessert Destinations

This entire article is devoted to those of you with a sweet tooth. You know who you are. There are so many good desserts around Salt Lake City and such little time, especially for college students. I'm going to help you narrow down the choices with some of my favorite things -- in no particular order, because who can really say that one of these delightful treats is truly better than another? Sometimes it just depends on your mood or whether you decide to skip dinner entirely!

When you want to share a dessert with someone you like, go to the DoughCo in Sugar House and order the half-baked chocolate chip cookie and Reeses Pieces cookie with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream. You and your friend will have fun and be filled up with sugary goodness!

Do you feel like you want to watch someone prepare your dessert? Go to D-Bar Rolled Ice-Cream located in Foothill Village. I highly recommend something with strawberries and rainbow sprinkles to give you a refreshing and brightly colored treat. You can be mesmerized by the slowly freezing ice cream which is then rolled and arranged beautifully in a cup for you to admire before you slurp it down. Honestly, it’s so satisfying!

When you want your dessert the minute you wake up, get some cinnamon knots from Granite Bakery on 2700 South in Salt Lake. You can order a full dozen, freeze them, and then have them every morning! Even better, add a cup of coffee!

When you need to buy a box of chocolates for someone else, make sure you go to Cummings’ Candy Studio on 700 East in Salt Lake. When they offer you a free sample, choose the dark chocolate double-dipped mint truffle. You will end up buying more of them for yourself!

Go to Sweetaly’s on 1500 and 1500 in Salt Lake City when it's late and you want the best gelato. They are open until 11:00 p.m. on Fridays, and you won’t believe how many people are out at this time of night eating gelato!

Have you just finished studying for a test or writing a paper? You deserve the chocolate cream pie from Emigration Market (aka Harmon’s) on 1300 South and 1700 East. You can buy a single slice or a whole pie!

Have you already gone out to eat in Salt Lake City and you aren’t ready to head home? Drive up to Hatch Family Chocolates on 8th Avenue and get something as simple as a chocolate caramel truffle. Your sweet tooth will thank you.

If it’s a Tuesday and you are looking for something delicious, head over to Sweet Tooth Fairy in Foothill Village, since they have incredible deals that day! I have to recommend the Fairy Fetti cupcake because I have loved them since I was eight and they remind me of the good old days.

Is your friend having a birthday? That is an excellent excuse to stop by Tulie Bakery on 700 South and 863 East for a fabulous lemon cake with lemon buttercream frosting. They make mini cakes that are perfect for a small group to celebrate anything!

When you want to have your dessert and your food at the same time, I recommend a root beer float at Hires on 700 East and 400 South. The homemade root beer and soft serve ice-cream will take care of your sweet craving while you also enjoy a hamburger (or veggie burger) and fries.

If you have a craving for something delectable and are feeling like you have the willpower to cut something in half and save the rest for later, run over to Cucina in the lower Aves for a lemon bar. It is heavenly!

Finally, if you want something close to campus that will help your sweet tooth and your healthy eating goals, take a walk over to Ugurt and mix and match lots of flavors, and too many toppings to count! I love the cookie dough topping the best, personally.

This is not a comprehensive list of all the amazing desserts that can be found in Salt Lake City, but it is a list of my regular haunts when I feel like I must take care of the sweet treat cravings and want something truly delicious. Set a new goal: try more of the desserts around Salt Lake City!

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