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The Ultimate Christmas Movie Drinking Game

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

It is now that time of the year! Time to cuddle around the TV with your entire family and watch back to back christmas movies. How could you make that experience any better? By adding alcohol into the mix. Grab your favorite drink and get ready to really get in the christmas spirit!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Take a drink whenever something is rhymed with “Who.”

If you hear a clearly made-up word, take a shot of a combination of two liquors you have never mixed together before.

Whenever the Grinch’s face twists into a hideous deformed version of a smile, grimace, or frown, take a drink.

Drink each time a song starts, and keep drinking for the duration of the song.

Everyone has to take a shot once they get drunk enough that they stop feeling sorry for Max the dog.

Home Alone

Drink every time someone gets injured in a way that would normally send them immediately to the hospital (or kill them).

Any time Macaulay Culkin screams, drink for the duration of the scream.

Take a shot every time you see John Candy.

Drink whenever you see a pizza on screen.

Take a communal shot whenever there’s a reference to having extra-cheese on pizza.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Drink whenever someone has a body part fall off.

Take a communal shot every time the movie makes you think, “Wait…this was a kids’ movie?”

Drink during each song.

Drink every time Sally sneaks around.

A Christmas Story

Take a shot whenever someone says, “You’ll shoot your eye out.”

Whenever there’s a dream sequence, take a shot of absinthe.

When Ralphie’s brother Randy whines or cries, drink until it stops being annoying.

When Flick (a.k.a. the kid known for getting his tongue stuck on a flagpole) gets his tongue stuck on a flagpole, everyone has to hold an ice cube on their tongue for the entire scene.  Afterwards, everyone takes a shot of whiskey.

Die Hard

Drink whenever John McClane does something awesome (you will be drinking for most of the movie).

First person to point out that the cop is the dad from Family Matters has to take a shot.

Do a sake bomb each time “Nakatomi” is said.

When McClane says his classic line start chugging and don’t stop until the excitement wears off.  This likely means you will be forced to chug straight through to the credits.

Whenever someone says, “Why are we watching Die Hard, this isn’t a Christmas movie!” you punch them right in the mouth and chase that with a beer.

Merry Lit-mas! Good luck and be responsible!

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