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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

I recently wrote all about my spontaneous trip to New York and what I learned. I left a few things out. When I went to New York it was an attempt to see if I could move there. I’d get a job, I’d take off and that would be it. Postgrad slump who? I got there and expected it to be a dream, but instead, it was a trip. One that I was okay with just being on a trip. Don’t get me wrong, I think that anyone that can do that is remarkable, but it wasn’t me. 

So everything I had planned for fell apart in a few short days and all of a sudden I was back to square one. Right now, I’m “trusting the process” life edition. Wild how life really does come full circle. 

The first time I heard “trust the process” was as I sat with my dad watching a 76ers game in high school. I thought it was a cool way of looking at things. This team wasn’t awesome but some faith and some resilience go a long way. So I considered it more in my day-to-day. It was never a staple in my thought process but it crept up here and there. If Joel Embiid could do it, you know what so could I. I took it with me as I moved through life and onto the next phase. 

Let me tell you, I didn’t even know this phase would include so much trust. Sorority recruitment. Heard of her? It’s allllll about trusting the process. A term that had become dear to my heart and one that I associated with basketball, so I was cool with it. I took it to heart, and over the next four years, it was more of a permanent rotation in my life rather than a creeping thought. I knew that if I trusted the process everything was all going to work out because it always had before. The 76ers were on the comeback and all a sudden this process wasn’t just a way to feel better but it actually helped me get through my day. To my shock, it worked. I trusted it and it got me here, a place four years ago I could have only dreamed. 

I was going in with the same mindset I had forced myself to love only a week earlier when I got the news that rocked me. The COVID-19 virus had forced classes to go online and my senior year was ending before I had a chance to see it go. In a matter of days until now it has only grown and gotten crazier by the day. All of a sudden I am sitting alone and trusting life’s process. A time I had never even imagined, and that’s all I can control. 

Now, here I am. Four years later and it has made its full circle loop. I’m trusting the process. Do I think it’ll give me the best results? Not really. It’s nothing like sorority recruitment. This time I’m trusting my life process. The same “everything happens for a reason” kind of vibes. I don’t think there’s ever much else you can do. I sit down and I realize trusting the process hasn’t only become a permanent thought, more of a lifestyle. One that I can truly recommend for anyone. Things just seem to somehow work out, and if they don’t, just keep trusting that it’s all a part of the process. 

So if you feel the same way, here’s an open letter to tell you it’ll be okay. Because life has a funny way of working through a process. All the bumps in the road and all. Life throws curveballs but your ability to overcome them will shine. So buckle in and stay safe but most important hold onto that trust. I know I will. 

U of U Journalism Major! BIG sports girl.
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor