True Crime Podcasts You Should Listen to This Fall

Whether you will admit it to others or not, you probably are a sucker for true crime if you're reading this, and you're in the right place. I have always been intrigued by other people's stories, and true crime is interesting because you get an inside look at the lives of others, and why their particular story lead to the crime itself. One great way to learn about cases from all around the world is podcasts. As a multitasker myself, podcasts are great background noise for when I do homework, drive, cook, whatever it may be.

When rifling through true crime podcasts scattered throughout the Spotify podcast category, I felt overwhelmed by the number of choices. There were hundreds, and I had no idea which type of host or format I would enjoy listening to. Lucky for you, I have collected some of my favorite true crime podcasts that you can listen to this fall. 

Crime Junkie

If you’re looking for shorter, more straight forward podcasts, this is the one for you. Each episode is its own case, and it is perfect for when you are short on time. This podcast has a ton of great cases to choose from, so you will never run out. The podcast is clean, so if you're looking for a clean podcast this one is perfect. Hosted by self-titled ‘crime junkies’ themselves, Ashley and her best friend Brit have created the perfect podcast for the true crime-obsessed.

Small Town Murder

This podcast is for those who want a lot of detail when listening to podcasts. Each episode is its own case, and the average episode is two hours and thirty minutes. The podcast is hosted by two comedians, which lightens the mood when talking about such dark cases. Each episode has me laughing, despite the topic of the podcast itself. Long episodes and comedy aside, this podcast is great for those wanting their daily dose of true crime.


If you haven't listened to an episode of Criminal, you have to. This podcast is one of the highest-rated podcasts, and rightfully so. Criminal is another one for those who like shorter episodes. Each episode details a different case, and there is an array of case types featured. The hosts do a great job of capturing each case in such a short amount of time, and it is hard to go without finishing an episode. Some episodes even feature interviewees who worked with each case first hand. If you have thirty minutes of free time, you should give this true crime podcast a try. 

Now I know you are eager to start your first episode of one of these podcasts, and I say go for it. All of the podcasts mentioned in this article can be found on Spotify and iTunes.