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From Towels to Tans, Beauty to Fashion – Your Ultimate Summer Shopping Guide

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

by Michal Mitchell

So Summer’s nearly here, and you’re sitting there wondering what on earth it is you’ll be doing with your time. A tan on the beach here, a shopping trip there – wait… did I just say shopping trip? I think I did, and you know what that means? Time for my Summer Shopping Guide! 

Yep. I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite products and brands I think you should add to your shopping list this Summer. Cult-classics and hidden gems run free and abound in this list. Read on to discover your new favorite.

Monica Vinander

Monica Vinander is now one of my absolute favorite brands of high-end jewelry. Their rings and bracelets are absolutely gorgeous and you can feel the superb quality in its weight and shine as it sits around your wrist or finger. I love the Doina Cross Ring as it’s the perfect comfortable weight for your finger. Not to mention the design is stunning, yet classic. It’s made from recycled gold or silver, and it makes for a beautiful gift. I also frequently wear my Doina Fine Chain Bracelet as well, it goes with any outfit and can be both casual, yet elegant – which is why I love it so much.

This brand was very special to me as it’s jewellery was my choice of gift for my mom on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day morning, she received the exquisite 18ct gold plated Linear Chain Bracelet with a special custom engraving from me. Monica Vinander gift wraps their jewelry superbly so it was an extra touch that made the gift that much more special. So thankful to this brand! She couldn’t have been happier, and I was met with plenty of hugs as a thank you.

If you’re considering purchasing high-end jewelry, I couldn’t recommend Monica Vinander more! Go see for yourself their wonderful designs!

Venus Et Fleur

Speaking of Mother’s Day, I couldn’t be more thankful for Venus Et Fleur for their gorgeous Eternity Roses. These roses last a year with little maintenance. You don’t even need to water them! Just keep them in their beautiful box and they’re good to go for a year or longer! I seriously have never heard of anything like this. They’re real roses and they smell absolutely delightful! Sitting next to them, it felt like I was surrounded by a garden of roses as the scent hit my nose. My mother received her roses in a beautiful Blush color for Mother’s Day and she couldn’t stop smelling them! 

If you want to turn a classic spin on a gift of roses for your loved ones – for whatever occasion  or holiday – Venus Et Fleur’s Eternity Roses is a show-stopper. My mom couldn’t stop remarking how amazing it was that they’d last her so long – looking and smelling beautiful! Ah, don’t mind me while I go smell the roses.


CocoLoom is one of my ultimate favorites and will be my preferred go-to for Summer towels. This brand has some beautiful designs. CocoLoom collaborated with the New York-based illustrator and artist Sadi Tekin for their Here in Peace towel – my personal favorite. Their towels are made out of 100% Turkish cotton and are super soft and lightweight. You have to check out their lovely designs. I recommend their Coco Maya Turkish Towel – which is oversized for when you bring your boyfriend and friends to the beach –  and their Coming for You towel.


So you want that sun-kissed tan without the trip to a sunny beach? Well, BaliBody has many ways in which you can get the tan you desire this Summer. Whether you try their 1 Hour Express Self Tan – lightweight and fast-drying for no-streaks! – or their SPF15 Tanning Oils, there’s something on their site for you! I highly recommend their Deluxe Glow Package as it has a variety of beloved tanning products.

Coco & Eve

Hair care products! Yay! No, seriously, I love my hair. So I’m taking extra care with it with Coco & Eve’s ‘Like a Virgin’ hair products. My favorite is their Hair Heroes Gift Set as it comes with the all-time favorite Deluxe Microfiber Hair Wrap. Forget those heavy towels that can damage your hair when you wrap your hair up, the Microfiber Hair Wraps are the way to go as they feel so much more lighter and dries hair faster with less frizz.

If you really want to add a bonus gift to your hair – because your hair’s been through a lot – I’d get their Beauty Sleep Bundle, which comes with a silky pillow case that leaves your hair frizz free! Ah, frizz-free hair, is there anything quite like it?


This brand is so innovative and fun! It’s a new favorite of mine, especially for its makeup. This brand is all about its products made for the woman on the go. It takes less time to apply their makeup and skincare products. Their Cool It Green Tea Toner Stick is a perfect example. No cotton swabs needed! Not only is it great for on-the-go, but every product is better in a stick form, right? Just me? Nah, it’s pretty amazing. Pair that with their Clean Slate Cleansing Stick and you have an easy morning skincare routine.


But I have to recommend their makeup products. Especially their 11th Hour Cream Eyeshadow Stick. I love it! Absolutely love it. Plus, there’s a lot of product on there, while other eyeshadow sticks are small Alleyoop’s Cream Eyeshadows give you a great value, and the color is beautiful! My favorite shade is Coffee Break, but Bronze Metal is also beautiful as well. Simple, beautiful, and easy!

Further recommendations? They have an All-In-One Razor, for an on-the-go shower-free shaving experience. Their Touch & Go Trio is also perfect because it comes with their amazing 4-in-1 makeup pen – Pen Pal. This makeup pen comes with black eyeliner, a highlighter, a mauve lip liner, and an eyeliner/eyebrow pencil in a coffee brown shade. The trio also comes with their Multi Mood Lip Trio and, Fresh Start Breath Spray, and a cute Clear Cosmetic Bag. Everything you need to throw in your purse for a hectic day at work or a Summer road trip!


Yep. I’m basically the unofficial spokesperson of this brand. There’s just something about Lanolips that I love. Their products are made of Lanolin – which mimics natural human oils and provides great hydration. My latest obsession from them is their Lanolin Leave-On Deep Recovery Mask, containing hydrating products – including Lanolin – it also has a kick of mint and coffee to wake up sleepy skin to start your day off right and awake after a restless night. Check out their recover mask and the rest of their amazing products on their website or on Ulta.

Charlotte Tilbury

Who doesn’t love Charlotte Tilbury? This makeup brand is a classic go-to for all your Summer looks. I’ve tried several of their products and their Airbrush Flawless Foundation and Lipsticks are my favorites. Not only are they beautifully packaged, but the foundation especially goes on like pure magic. I guess that’s why they call it their “magical kit”.


Do you need some serious facial massages? Why not cleanse and massage in one go? Sounds fun to me! meejee is a silicone facial cleanser massager that helps massage your favorite serums deep into the skin to boost their effectiveness! Not only are they super fun to use, but they come in four brilliant colors. I chose pink. ;) 

If you’ve been looking for a cleansing facial massager – that happens to use soft silicone bristles and sonic pulses to soften skin – meejee is for you!


I love Fekkai’s salon hair products! Simply put, they’re a high quality hair care brand that proves itself in their results. Their packaging is also wonderfully beautiful for a haircare brand! They really mean business! I recommend their shampoos and conditioners – which you can bundle, but especially their Intense Shea Butter Hair Mask. Ah, smooth, silky hair. 

L’Oreal Paris Elvive

Okay, so since we’re talking shampoos I have to mention what I’m currently using to repair my lengthy hair. I’m a fan of hair masks, they’re simply amazing. I’ve tried a lot of hair products before, but this treatment is one of the best. So I also recommend Elvive Total Repair 5 Power Restore Multi Use Treatment. Phew! What a tongue-twister. It leaves my hair super nourished and hydrated. Just a few dollops throughout my hair and we’re talking gorgeous locks all day. Pair that with their Dream Lengths Shampoo and Conditioner, and now we’re talking serious hair action. 

Like I said, I’ve tried a lot of hair products before Fekkai and L’Oreal Paris Elvive are some of my favorites for beautiful results!


GlobeIn is a wonderful brand because you can get a monthly subscription box from them each month or so, containing ethically-sourced artisan goods that are phenomenally beautiful. You can really tell each piece was designed to perfection and handmade with care. They have all types of household products such as Morroccan ceramics to beautifully hand-woven Mexican baskets. 

The brand has an ‘Artisan Fund’ which raises money for one of the artisan groups GlobeIn partners with. Artisans from all around the world handcraft these amazing items, and you can tell they’re handcrafted by their unique beauty. I love their Medieval Reverse Painted Tray and the Red Twist Recycled Bell. So gorgeous!


Looking to add to your Summer wardrobe? Chaser has a great selection of day dresses to help you get started. Their Back Cami Midi Dress is super comfortable and great for Summer. I find myself wearing it all the time whether it be out running errands or lounging on my patio soaking up the sunshine. I’d check out their new arrivals to see what peaks your interest.

Saltwater Luxe

Need a cute Summer set to lounge about under the palm trees? How about this stylish sweater set from Saltwater Luxe featuring a palm tree print design? Seems like a match made in heaven. This matching set features a cozy pullover and cute short ideal for a tropical lounge look. – And the colors! Did I mention the color combo? See for yourself how perfect. Saltwater Luxe’s Summer collection is a must-see!


Who says you don’t still need a pair of slippers around the house? If you aren’t the bare foot type – bare feet can get a little lonely – then Pantuss has a selection of slippers to meet your needs. I really love this brand because it has the perfect weight. You don’t want to feel as if you’re trudging in your slippers. Pantuss slippers are light as a feather – perfect to quickly step into a roam about the house – yet your feet feel cozy. What’s even more perfect? They’re aromatherapy slippers. According to Pantuss,  they “have removable insoles filled with seeds and refreshing lavender flowers that can be heated for 30 seconds in the microwave.” Which means in the winter time? Warm feet and a pleasant lavender smell. Might have to get a second pair because of how relaxing these slippers are!

Ollie Belle

Summertime may bring out the breakouts with all the oily skin the heat and humidity may be causing. A brand I’ve newly discovered may just help you with your frustrating breakouts. Ollie Belle is a brand of cover dot acne care. Their sets of clear hydrocolloid acne patches that may just work wonders for your skin. So what exactly are they? According to Ollie Belle, “Cover Dot Acne Care is an adhesive that promotes fast healing of pimples, acne & small wounds. Acting as a second skin, Cover Dot contains hydrocolloid which creates the perfect environment for the pimple to heal and regenerate skin.” Have a big event tomorrow? Instead of popping that pimple, pop one of these acne patches on and let the healing begin.

The Beauty Tailor

Okay, this brand is loads of fun. Let’s say you have a Summer party and need some party favors, or maybe your friend is celebrating their birthday and you need a sweet gift. The Beauty Tailor is a lipstick brand that lets you customize your lipstick and lipstick packaging. Matte or a smooth satin cream finish? You decide. Which color? Mix several colors for your own personal shade. You can even customize the lipstick cap to say whatever you like as well as the packaging. A perfect gift for those makeup-lovers.

Freeman Beauty

The heat of the Summer might mean your skin may be looking a little dry. What may help with that? A gel mask! Freeman Beauty has all kinds of face masks – clay masks, gel masks, you name it! Their gel masks may be the solution your skin needs for all the Summertime dryness. How about their renewing cucumber peel-off gel mask? Ah, refreshing

Verve Culture

I really love this brand so I had to mention it for this Summer gift guide. If you love to cook, I recommend taking a peek at Verve Culture’s Artisan Kitchen Essentials. Their Red Cast Iron Tortilla Press Kit is my new favorite. Used to make homemade tortillas, perfect for making street tacos. Their cookware and kitchen essentials are handmade and a gorgeous addition to your kitchen. Pair that Tortilla Press Kit with their Artisan Citrus Juicer and you’ve got yourself a Summer backyard party. Lemonade anyone?

So there they are! My newly discovered favorite products to add to your Summer Shopping list! Whether you take home a favorite new cream eyeshadow, an artful towel for the beach, or a tanning lotion to get that sun-kissed glow, these are some of the best Summer finds!

Written by Michal Mitchell

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