Top 6 Study Tips For College Students

As college students it can be difficult to balance the barrage of exams and quizzes that plague us day and night. It can be hard to figure out a consistent study pattern, but once you figure out how to study, balancing school becomes way easier. This, hopefully, will supplement more study tips that will help you progress in school. These are my top tips that I recommend in order to get a high grade in a class. 


1) Read the textbook

I know that reading the textbook is more of a suggestion than a requirement in most classes, but I cannot stress how helpful the textbook can be when you are struggling. Sometimes the lectures don’t make sense, or maybe you just zone out for a little bit. I find that reading the textbook can remind and reinforce previous content discussed in class.


2) Know the material before doing homework 

Review the class slides. It can be so easy to BS the homework and put off understanding the material until the week of the test. However, I think figuring out the concepts first and then applying them repeatedly can help with retaining the information. 


3) Rewrite notes and highlight

This can be boring, but this repetition will help the concepts stick with you. Also highlighting important concepts and ideas will help them stick in your mind as well. 


4) Memorize by making acronyms and songs

Making songs or acronyms can be fun and help for last minute memorization, because in my experience it is easier to remember the information. 


5) Visit the TA

TA’s can honestly save your grade in some classes. They can help explain concepts in a different perspective and give good study tips themselves because they have likely already taken the test. 


6) Study in chunks

Sometimes it can be difficult to motivate yourself to go out and start studying so I recommend that you should study for at least 20 minutes. This way you can feel somewhat productive, but usually after getting started it can be easier to keep going. Overall, I suggest studying in chunks. For example, study 50 minutes and have a 10-minute break. 


I hope these suggestions help you earn the grades you want this semester. Happy studying!!


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It can be difficult to find time and strategies to study, but after discovering a consistent pattern that fits each person’s learning styles, it can make it a lot easier. 

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