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Top 5 Most Popular K-Beauty Skin Care Products

K-Beauty stands for cosmetic products or beauty trend originated from South Korea. The brand is notably favored by customers from China, Japan, Vietnam, and the US, accounting for 70% of all international sales. The industry ranks top #4 in export rate amongst all nations. While it is no surprise that K-Beauty is especially known for skin-care products, here is the list of single products that were sold on a million-dollar scale. 

Radiant Rejuvenating Emulsion: Chungidan Line from “The History of Whoo”

The History of Whoo is one of the K-Beauty brands that specialize in Korean oriental cosmetics. The ingredients used in the product what Queens from Korean history used to keep their skin from aging that was also proven by modern dermatologists: ginsengs, and antler powder. Chungidan’s line was inspired by Queen’s desire to remain young and beautiful eternally. 

Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating Serum

Sulwhasoo products are known to be sold every 10 seconds. According to the big data reported by the manufacturer (Amorepacific), there are over 400,000 customers who have purchased the same-single product for the 10th time. First Care serum remains ranking #1 best amongst all anti-aging skincare products since 2014. 

Laneige’s Skin Veil Base: #40 light purple

Laneige’s Skin Veil Base is available in pink, light purple, blue, and green, which are used as a skin foundation primer. Light purple is recommended to brighten up yellowish skin, and green can be applied to reduce redness on facial skin before a normal foundation routine. 

Papa Recipe’s Bombee Honey Mask Pack

Bombee Honey Mask Pack contains propolis extract that is proven to fight inflammation on the skin. The mask sheet is soaked in a skin-boosting serum that will be delivered directly to the skin surface. 90% of users said that their skin dryness was relieved after using the mask pack. 

Happy Bath’s Essence Mask (currently out-of-stock)

Happy Bath’s Essence Mask used natural ingredients that relieved stress on the skin surface caused by artificial chemicals such as ethanol or silicon. The essence mask comes in five different main ingredients; each one has its solution for various skin types.  

You have noticed that K-Beauty skincare products add unique ingredients that can be only found in Asian oriental cosmetics. More reviews from customers can be found on beauty influencer’s YouTube channel or online blogs. Please make sure to check out any cosmetics ingredients before you purchase the product. Here were some Korean skincare products you might want to add to your New Year shopping list. 

Jieun is a senior student at the University of Utah. She joined Her Campus as Utah Contributor in November 2020. In her articles, she shares beauty, health, and wellness tips. When she is not writing, she enjoys traveling, shopping, and trying new coffee flavors.
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