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There are so many perks to having plants; many of us treat them as our children and love to nurture and watch them grow. It can show patience and give healing to tend to something and watch it grow. They are also a great aesthetic – real plants are way better than fake. So, from my own personal bias, here are the best four places in Salt Lake City to get all your plant needs met.


1. Cactus and Tropicals- 2735 South 2000 East, SLC 84109

Cactus and Tropicals is my personal favorite; it’s a giant greenhouse that not only has a wide diversity of plants, but also creative stations for potting and housing décor that incorporates your plants. Cactus and Tropicals is utilized as an event venue that often holds weddings and receptions, and if wearing a succulent crown in your hair while walking down an aisle in a giant garden doesn’t fulfill your dreams, I don’t know what will. I go to this location when I am looking for out of the ordinary plants like pineapple or coconut trees, sunflower plants, and carnivorous greens. Seasonal and new plants are brought in regularly and they also house a consistent variety or succulents, cactus’, trees of all sorts (pines, palms, money, etc.), tropical and regular flowers, and more.

2. Thyme and Place – 362 East Harvey Milk Boulevard, SLC 84111

Thyme and Place is a plant store that holds a lot of personality and surprises. The location in Salt Lake has a unique set of plants I haven’t seen anywhere else, like miniature to large sized moss balls that are estimated to live about 100 years! There is your average selection of succulents, small trees, and such. However, this store has a terrarium building station and helpful example displays showing different ways to present your plants in your home. The items and tools used to display plants there are often for sale as well.

3. Harmons – Any Location

This one isn’t a joke, some of the best plants I have I’ve acquired from Harmons grocery stores! They usually have a large and broad selection that is reasonably priced. Often the plants are seasonal with the holidays but they do have a regular supply of small trees, succulents, and little leafy friends.

4. Paradise Palm – 307 Broadway, SLC 84111

I would recommend Paradise Palm to anyone who quite literally wants to start their own jungle. This location is floor to roof filled with giant trees, cactus’, bushes, fruit and vegetable plants, and more. This is the place where you look around and think, “Wow I absolutely need that 7-foot-tall cactus, but where would I put it?” and still manage to convince yourself to leave with it. If you have the room and the dedication to tend to giant monster plants, this is the place for you.

I hope this has helped you decide on your next green thumb adventure! Happy planting!

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