Top 3 Reasons Why You're Considered a "Mean Girl"

I don't think I'm a mean girl, but it's definitely not something I'm new to hearing. Why are girls considered mean when they're witty and don't like drama? Not all girl's feel the need to be fake. I mean, I'm just saying what everyone else is thinking, right?! Here are the top 3 reasons why myself and others are considered a "mean girl."

1.       Your sarcasm is a step, probably two steps, ahead of everyone else’s.

Sarcasm is so common with people today that if you’re not at least a little sarcastic in your speech, no one likes you. But you, dear “mean girl,” have been sarcastic your entire life that now your sarcasm tends to be in a completely different realm than “witty.” You’ve progressed to “WTF is wrong with you?” You don’t mean for it to happen, but you seriously cannot help it. It’s like word vomit – sassy, sour word vomit. Opportunities for sarcasm are all too common now a days. “Hey how are you?” “Literally kill yourself, I’m doing so much better than you are.” You meant, “I’m actually having a really awesome day. It feels nice to be so happy.” But what they heard was, “Literally kill yourself, I’m doing so much better than you are.” And that’s a mean thing to say to someone. And unfortunately you can’t sourpatch kids your way back to being sweet so soon thereafter. “No, I don’t think you should kill yourself! I mean who would give me rides to school every day? – OMG I was kidding!”

2.       You have a really hard time being two-faced

If you don’t like a girl, you don’t hug her and say “Girl! Where have you been? We keep saying we’ll hang out and never do! We need to!” You say, “Hey.” And yes, to many girls living under the assumption that “Girl World” is real and the rules from the movie Mean Girls actually apply to real life, you are being mean. Don’t you know that all trash-talking is done behind the girl’s back? How could you just so coldly not be over the top fake "besties" with a girl who’s completely aware that there is bad blood between you two? Do you really feel good about yourself knowing that because you don’t like that girl, you were just simply polite when addressing her!? You are a mean girl because other girls live by Girl Code while you prefer Human Code. You respectful b*tch, HUG THAT SL*T ALREADY!

3.       “Honestly this is just my face.”

How often do you hear yourself saying that? You have what is commonly known as a “Resting B*tch Face.” There’s really not much to say here. You’re aware people think you’re mean because you walk around campus with “judging eyes,” a “smug smirk” and you never stop to talk to anyone. Well okay let’s be honest. You’re totally judging that couple sucking tongues and swapping spit on the staircase in OSH. And you are acting a little smug. But that’s only because your outfit is literally on point today, and way better than all the other wanna-be’s walking around. Heck, all I can say here to redeem you is that you never stop to talk to people because you’re late to class.  You have priorities, confidence, and a sense of what’s appropriate PDA; no wonder no one likes you.

So collegiettes, if you get called a mean girl, embrace it! Only mean girls feel the need to categorize the women around them. The irony is almost too good!