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To prepare for the Halloween spirit, grab your friends, family, cats, and dogs, and get them into the spooky season by taking them to the top three haunted places right here in Salt Lake City, Utah! 



McCune Mansion

Location: 200 N. Main St. 


The McCune Mansion was built in 1901 and took over three years to build. There have been two apparitions that haunt the McCune Mansion. One is a little girl that is often caught giggling, dancing, and singing during events that take place within the building — she is especially fond of weddings. The other apparition is a man in a black cape that wanders the halls of the building at night during Christmas. 

The McCune Mansion is now used as an event venue for weddings, parties, or family gatherings. 



Devereaux Mansion

Location: 340 S Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84103 


The Devereaux Mansion was built in 1857. It was originally built and owned by William C. Stanes, who was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It unfortunately caught on fire in 1979, but was rebuilt soon after. There are two known ghosts that haunt the Devereaux Mansion. One is said to be the lady of the house or the head housekeeper. She is aggressive towards guests. However, it is said that she only does this to protect the house from misuse. The other spirit is quite the opposite; she is the spirit a little girl and is known for playing tricks on the kitchen staff and waving at guests in the night. 



Rio Grande Depot

Location: Salt Lake City, UT 84101 


The Rio Grande Depot is located in central Salt Lake City. It was constructed in 1910 and was used by the Rio Grande Western Railroad until 1947. The most popular spirit that haunts the Rio Grande Depot is the “Purple Lady”, who is known for wandering the building. The story goes that she was in an argument with her fiancé that ended in him calling off the engagement and throwing his ring onto the train tracks. When she went to retrieve it, she was struck by a train and died. However, she is not alone in haunting the Rio Grande Depot. An apparition of a man haunts the basement of the building — it is rumored that he died in the construction of the underground tunnel. 


Now you know about the top three haunted places in Salt Lake City, Utah. Will you see the “Purple Lady” at the Rio Grande Depot? Or perhaps get tricked by the little girl at the Devereaux Mansion? I hope to hear all about your paranormal experience. 

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