Tips and Tricks to Extend Your Hair Life

I have fine, shiny, blonde hair, but a lot of it, giving it the illusion of it being thick and luscious. But it wasn’t always like that. I used to wash my hair every day –to wash it every other day was seriously pushing it. My hair was incessantly staticky and dry, and more often than not, utterly lifeless, but it was clean. I thought washing it often would give me the results I wanted from my hair, and I wouldn’t listen to anyone who told me otherwise. It seemed like an impossible feat to go three days without washing my hair let alone a week or two. I thought my hairstylist was crazy, and only I knew how to take care of my hair. Boy, was I wrong, and bless the day I decided to really take care of my hair and change my hair routine forever.

I started ever so slowly. I stretched my everyday routine every other day, then every two days, and so on until I eventually hit five days, and then a week. It was stressful as all get out, and a real challenge to overcome my insecurities about my hair, but I am so glad I did. My hair is what makes or breaks my outfit. It is how I express myself. It is a huge part of my self-image, and thanks to my self-restraint and altered routine, I am able to maintain a whole new level of confidence with my hair. I can let it run wild with as little effort as running my fingers through it or I can flaunt a styled look; either way, I trust my hair will represent me well having let go of those insecurities. I have new life in my hair, and the confidence to experiment and enjoy it. Here are some tips to give you and your hair the new life you deserve:

1. Go slowly and be patient. It is okay to take your time while extending the days between washes. It is a process to build confidence, but you are worth it! Before long you will begin to see the results.

2. Dry shampoo is your best friend between washes, but it is best to wait as long as you can before using it. It can be expensive, and the texture could push you to want to wash your hair before you should, so it is important to find one that works well for your hair and is within your budget.

A tip I have found with certain dry shampoos is to put it in your hair the night before so it has plenty of time to absorb the excess oils in your hair and spread enough throughout to even out the texture and build-up of the product.

My favorites: Not Your Mother’s “Clean Freak”, Batiste (really good for brunettes!), Kalahari.  

3. Head accessories are a great way to conceal the grease and elevate your look! Whether you are trying to wait a day before hitting the dry shampoo or it has gone beyond dry shampoo’s powers, hats, scarves, headbands and more are sure to help you work it effortlessly. They are also a fantastic way to experiment with different styles.

4. Braids, buns, and bobby pins –just like a headband can elevate your look and cleverly conceal the excess oils, a messy bun or a cute braid can add some texture and expression to your look. Getting your hair up and out of your face will keep you from touching it as much and transferring oils from your hands to your hair, thus extending your hair life with ease while you look chic and on-trend!

5. Only condition the ends! Your scalp naturally produces the oils your hair needs to grow, so putting conditioner anywhere but the ends only promotes more oil accumulation and will make your hair journey much more difficult. By conditioning and treating the ends, this will ensure all of your hair stays healthy and well nurtured.

6. Only put oils on your ends as well. Oils and serums are great for your hair, but they pose the same issues as the conditioner, so avoid putting them near your roots.

7. Shampoo only your roots. Shampooing your ends can make them dry out faster. Your ends need the oils that your scalp produces and the help of your oils and conditioners. Strategically using these products will help keep your hair well-nourished, giving it new life!

8. Choose products designed for your hair needs. By choosing the right products, you elevate your routine and you begin to see the best results from your hair, just like you do from your best skincare routine.

These tips changed the game for me and my hair. I continue to use them all, and I continue to go more and more days between washes which has only improved my hair health and self-image. I have a whole new relationship with my hair now I never thought I could have. I hope these tips help you on your hair journey and you enjoy the results!


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