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As a broke college student, you would expect some awareness about where my money goes, right? Very, very wrong. I watch my account balance sink as I continue to buy things I love. There’s a unique balance in spending for joy— one that I definitely have not mastered. Ideally, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to spend LESS. But before I go down the road less spent, I would love to tell you more about my poor financial choices.

  • Squishmallows

These the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Yes. Do they provide a nice neck pillow for studying? Yes. Do they have basically no function other than being cute and comfortable? Also, yes. I know, I know, what 19-year-old spends their tiny amount of money on stuffed animals? Honestly, I do, and I have no shame in it. Yes, I know I’m wasting my money, but these tiny bursts of joy in my life that remind me of my youth are a great way to waste it. But I do agree that spending $30 on an 8″ stuffed animal is absurd, so I will be cutting down and simply cherishing my current collection.

  • Beverages

COFFEE! TEA!! BOBA!!! Any reason to not make my own drink means I will spend money. I have an extraordinary love for beverages made by people other than me and 50% of my monthly budget reflects that. I know there’s an easy way out; making an iced chai latte at home is not difficult in the slightest, but the joy that comes with taking the time out of my day to go somewhere and buy one beats the common sense and simplicity of homemade beverages. This is an area I plan to reduce my spending in, but sometimes I can’t resist a good strawberry matcha latte with boba.

  • Dog accessories

Okay, this is a very specific one. I do spoil my dog Indy, the cutest dog in dog history. Does she need new toys and treats every month that comes in a cute themed package? No. But did I get her a BarkBox subscription? Absolutely, yes. I love spending all of my nonexistent money on her, even if it’s more for me than for her. My addiction to cute dog toys and accessories probably beats Indy’s addiction to eating things she is not supposed to.

Ultimately, I hope to reduce my spending habits and learn to make better choices financially, but, we’re all in college. We can afford to spend on things that give us joy, even if they aren’t the most sensible. Hell, we are taking 18 credits, devoting all of our time to building our resumes, and learning to find our way in the world. I think we deserve to waste our money at this rate. This is just a simple reminder to invest in your joy — you deserve it!

Justine intends to double major in Operations & Supply Chain and Information Systems. She loves all things food-related, photography, traveling, and spending time with her loved ones, especially her dog. Her favorite things to write about are food, fashion, and sustainability.
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