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The Three Biggest Oscar Snubs This Year



The Oscars has always been judged by old dusty white men. So it’s no surprise that an incel’s fantasy, the Joker, and a softcore foot-fetish movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, are the Academy’s favorites. So below are a few people who really deserve an Oscar for their game changing contributions to film this past year. 

Best Director: Greta Gerwig

The amazing director who gave us Ladybird blessed us this Christmas season with Little Women. Little Women was hands down one of the most heartwarming and refreshing takes on Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. The film is no doubt a cinematic masterpiece in its comprehensive take on the lives of Meg, Beth, Jo, and Amy in a way that hits close to home for many women. The film also must be acknowledged for not making achievement through hating men, but by loving themselves. Little Women has already been nominated for Best Picture, Costume Design, Score, and Actress in a Leading and Supporting Role. So why snub Gerwig out of the nomination she so rightfully deserves? 


Best Actress: Awkwafina

As an Asian American, it’s hard for me to find myself in media except when a teen coming of age movie needs a nerd or an action film needs someone to spice up their bland Western choreography. In The Farewell Awkwafina takes on the heart-aching and challenging role of Billi, a woman from an immigrant family in America who agonizes over her family’s decision to keep with tradition and not tell her grandmother that she is dying. Not only did Awkwafina make history as the first woman of Asian descent to win a Golden Globe for her role as Billi, she also was nominated for many more industry and guild awards and fans expected she’d be a frontrunner for the Oscars. Someone please acknowledge Awkwafina for the stunning actress that she is. 

Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s role in Hustler’s has been widely praised since its first release by critics and fans. It’s no doubt that her performance was nothing short of perfection. Not only does she nail all aspects of her character, Ramona, Lopez’s performance in Hustler’s has given us everything we’ve ever wanted. Not only does she dance her heart out, her acting both terrifies and awes the audience with every turn. Lopez has already been snubbed an Oscar after her equally stunning performance in Selena. Give the woman the Oscar nominations that she so rightfully deserves. 


The Academy needs to stop considering most amount of money made as an indicator for a good film. If they really want, they can make their own category for that and stop depriving women and people of color the Oscars they so rightfully deserve. 


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