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Things to Think About Before Adopting a Pet in College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

It’s bound to happen to you at some point in your college career; you are walking to school and you see THE CUTEST puppy. What immediately goes through your head? I. Need. One. In the moment it sounds like a totally feasible idea. You have time and your roommates love dogs, what else do you need to convince yourself? The answer: nothing. But is it really a good idea to get a pet while you are in college? Here are things to think about before you make the big decision.

1. It is a HUGE time commitment.

You’re already juggling classes, work, finding time to sleep and have some what of a social life. Do you really have time for a pet? Think about the free time you have, do you want to spend that time walking a dog or playing with a cat? If no, then take a step back and rethink yo life.

2. Check with your landlord 

ALWAYS check with your landlord before getting a pet. If you do it the sneaky way they are bound to find out one way or another. Sometimes landlords even have extra fees for people who own pets. This is a definite thing to look into before adopting a pal.

3. It’s gonna cost dollar dollar billz

Tuition is expensive. Taking care of yourself is expensive. Having a pet is ALSO expensive. Paying for food and vet visits adds up after a while. If having a pet is going to set you back money wise, wait. There will be a time in your life where you will be financially ready to adopt a dog, it just might not be college.


I can not emphasize this enough. Sometimes people don’t realize how many dogs and cats are out there that need homes. Yes, getting a new born puppy or kitten is cute, but there are dogs and cats of all breeds and ages that need love just as much. Adopting a rescue animal is a great thing to do. They will likely be older and will be easier to take care of which makes them better for adopting in college. There are lots of places in Utah that help rescue animals find homes such as:

The Humane Society

Rescue Rovers

Best Friends Utah

Utah Animal Adoption Center

Just to name a few.

Best Friends also has a new initiative happening in Utah called NKUT. Here is a little bit about it, “NKUT is an initiative led by Best Friends Animal Society that brings together passionate individuals, city shelters, and an entire coalition of animal welfare organizations to end the killing of dogs and cats in shelters throughout the entire state of Utah by the year 2019. Our plan is straightforward: provide spay/neuter services where they are needed most so that fewer animals go into shelters, and increase adoptions so that more animals are placed into new homes. Step by critical step, we believe that together, we can bring the number of pets killed in Utah shelters to zero.” Find more information here.

5. If you do decide to get one… LOVE IT WITH ALL YOUR HEART 

Having a pet is fun! They are always there to love you and go on walks with you, but they need attention and love from you as well. You can’t just forget about a pet after a month when the excitement wears off. It is a constant cycle from being annoyed that they peed on the carpet or finding your favorite pair of shoes ripped up, but they will always love you and you will always love them.

If you feel like you are ready to adopt a pet, DO IT! You will find that the special bond between pet and owner is one of a kind. Happy Adopting!

Kim Davison is a recent graduate from the University of Utah that double majored in Theatre and Communications. She was the President of Her Campus Utah and a Chapter Advisor, a Campus Expansion Assistant and a Her Campus Ambassador Advisor for Her Campus Nationals. Kim loves theatre, event planning, dachshunds and strives to live her life every day to make Leslie Knope proud. She is currently searching to jobs in the media industry and is excited to see where life takes her!
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor