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These Fall Jewelry Pieces Are Perfect for the Little Witch in You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

The Fall and Holiday season is here! And with each Halloween party and holiday event you’ll attend, odds are you’ll be scrounging through your jewelry drawer looking for that next big statement necklace, or charming bracelet to gift your friend. 

Having owned my fair share of earrings and necklaces, I’m here to tell you I’ve found my new favorite jewelry brand: Paula Rosen. Known for her signature diamond padlocks, the California designer believes “jewelry isn’t just an accessory but a means of self-expression that should be worn every day in every occasion.” 

And this is exactly why I think this brand should be on your shopping radar this season. Their affirmation necklaces are uniquely designed with high quality diamonds, spinel, gold or silver – basically you can’t go wrong with them. Or like any good witch, perhaps you’re after a charm pendant with a smiling moon, or the moon and stars hanging around your neck. So, that’s why I’ve made a little list for the Fall jewelry you’ll fall for. Hehe, get it?

Without further ado, here are my favorite picks from my newly found designer Paula Rosen. Whether it be a holiday gift you’re hunting for, or a witchy necklace to add to your Fall jewelry drawer, you’re likely to find something unique to you!

Affirmation Pieces

I first found the brand through their affirmation jewelry. Necklaces and bracelets with simple, yet beautiful, affirmations to tell yourself or a loved one something sweet or special.

My favorite? The Badass Mom Pendant. So you know I gifted this to my mother when Mother’s Day came around. The pendant comes in spinel or diamond and pairs wonderfully with your favorite necklaces to stack together. It’s a perfect holiday gift to get any kind, loving – and badass – mommy. If you’re a mother as well, make sure to include yourself.

Perhaps you want to remind yourself of how much you love… well, you! Affirmations people! Then the gold vermeil I Love You Bracelet would be my go-to if you need a little self-care and love. Whether you love yourself or wish to express your love of another, it’s a great gift idea! For someone you love – including yourself!

The Paula Rosen Signature Padlock

Another piece of jewelry I adore from Paula Rosen is their signature padlock necklaces. These necklaces and chains are stunning, made with diamonds, spinel, gold, or silver, these pieces will definitely make a statement. 
My favorites are the Goldie Lox Lock, the Laura, and the Original Diamond Lock – a sterling silver padlock with pavé diamonds on a beautiful silver chain. If you’re looking to be more witchy during these Fall months, then I recommend the EyeLatch. This piece goes perfectly with Paula Rosen’s charm selection and is made with “sterling silver with gold vermeil and pavé diamonds with a sapphire center.”

Paula Rosen’s Charm Selection!

Speaking of charms perfect for a witch, have you seen Paula Rosen’s charm selection? Take a look at her Leo and Power charm – stunning! Perfect for any lioness, this otherworldly charm is bordered with diamonds with the center made of black onyx and 14K gold.
If you’re looking for more charms to fall for, I’d recommend the Smiling Moon charm, a perfect holiday gift selection for the witches in your life. If you’d like to layer your charm pieces, I’d pair that with the Cleopatra’s Eye charm and the Sunrise Charm – made with a beautiful gold and emerald color!


Last but not least on my list of favorites from Paula Rosen is their rings. Looking for a gift for your loved ones? How about the Crazy in Love ring? This edgy gold plated heart ring is sure to make a statement when your loved one unwraps it come Christmas morning. 
But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, after all we still need more statement pieces for the Fall season. For your next witchy event, I also recommend their Starburst Ring – my favorite – a yellow gold vintage-style ring with twinkling stars throughout. Or if you need yet another evil eye piece of jewelry – because… why not? – then I recommend their Evil Finger ring. Ah, I see what they did there. I’d pair that with their Baby Eye ring as well for that extra protection.

So, what do you think of these elegant and eye-catching pieces from Paula Rosen? I always love sharing my latest finds, brands, and shops with you all – and when it comes to elegant statement pieces, Paula Rosen is my latest find. Will you fall in love with their designs as much as I have?

Michal Mitchell is freelance writer and graduate from the University of Utah with a bachelor's degree in English. Her passions include, writing poetry for her "10 Minute Poetry" column, fiction, screenplays and delving into a Chopin Étude every now and then. When she's not writing for Her Campus, she seeks solace in the ventures of her mind. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @jackycoocoo for poetry, celebrity interviews, fiction, articles, or to commission her for an article.