Taylor Swift's "reputation" Songs Ranked

Taylor Swift rose from the dead on November 10th when her sixth studio album, reputation, crashed into our world, and we’re still reeling from the bounty of good music that the 15 tracks have provided. Overall, her album is a scathing rebuttal to her haters mixed with a musical love letter to her beau. Based on the album’s quality, we’re definitely happy with the new Taylor. Here are her 15 tracks ranked from best to worst.

1. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Okay…we all knew this song would be good based on the title, but it definitely exceeded expectations in more ways than one. The sassy, patronizing, “oh sweetie, no” vibe, her cackle, “taking a hatchet to a mended fence,” and her shout-outs to her people make the song the addictive jam that you’ll be blasting until 3 AM. The lyrics, as usual, are a brilliantly crafted clap-back to counter her haters’ – cough, looking at you Kimye – past antics, and are TSwift’s way of saying that she’s over trying to forgive people she’s already given a second chance.

2. New Year’s Day

“New Year’s Day” is like the extra French fries you find at the bottom of the Wendy’s bag. It’s no wonder that this was the last track of Taylor’s album because it not only neatly ties the whole album together, but it also features old Taylor (SPOILER: she’s not dead!) The soft piano, simple melodies and harmonies, and the lyrics all create a perfect, soft, cuddle-up-on-the-couch kind of song that make us feel nostalgic for her “You Belong With Me” days. I love that this song is about loving someone through the not-so-glamorous parts of their life; whether her significant other is on top of the world or feels like they’re falling apart, Taylor reflects on a love that is there for the midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve, but also there to pick up the mess on New Year’s Day.

3. I Did Something Bad

Taylor is a magician when it comes to lyrics, and this song proves it – especially in the first two verses where she describes how she plays narcissists and playboys (who had it coming) like a violin. The music itself starts off very ominously, and sets the tone for the big-beat payoff at the chorus.

4. Don’t Blame Me

The song features a style that sharply differentiates it from the majority of the other songs on the album. It’s sultry, smooth, soulful, and feels somewhat Lana Del Rey-esque. Aside from that, it really succeeds at exposing the insanity that accompanies falling in love.

5. Call It What You Want

Based on this song, we can all agree that Taylor’s man, Joe Alwyn, is a unicorn among men. One of her best lines is: “I want to wear his initials on a chain ‘round my neck/not because he owns me…but because he really knows me.” It’s so beautiful it makes me sick. The song is poetry; it’s quieter, and the theme – that the person who really loves you is the one who has their eyes on you and doesn’t care what the haters say – makes this song a lovely, happy ode to love.

6. Gorgeous

Lyrics like “you should take it as a compliment that I’m talking to everyone here but you…” are the definition of what it's like having a crush on someone. The melody, the lyrics, and the part where she goes home to her cats alone all make it a charming song that you could listen to on replay; however, I almost feel like this would work better as a soft acoustic, and that's why it only earns a number five spot.

7. Getaway Car

There is A LOT of speculation about this song describing Tom Hiddleston’s being used as a means for Taylor to leave Calvin Harris. Lyrics like “I wanted to leave him…I needed a reason” seem to directly point to the blue-eyed Brit and his short-lived fling with the Queen of Pop. The music actually makes you feel like you’re running to the getaway car with the accelerating crescendo that leads to the chorus. The song also provides a full, fleshed-out story that follows a couple escaping one guy in a getaway car, only to have the girl leave behind her partner-in-crime in that same getaway car later on. Is it a subtle apology? Maybe. Is it an exciting, soap opera adventure that is enjoyable to listen to? Absolutely.

8. Look What You Made Me Do

Phrases that will go down in legend, beats that you can’t help but dance to, lyrics that are fire (for the most part) make LWYMMD one of Taylor’s best; however, the repetitiveness of the chorus is what lands it the number eight spot.

9. Dancing With Our Hands Tied

This song reflects on the "avalanche" of uncertainties that plague a brand new love, but how they can be survived if both partners trust each other. The song is great, but I wouldn't say it's one of her best when compared to the others on the album.

10. End Game

While the song is really catchy and showcases two incredible artists, it feels like Taylor is trying to keep up with Future’s rapping and can’t. ( Ed, in my opinion, nails his rapping.) The actual lyrics encompass Taylor’s ability to effortlessly describe what it feels like when you want to be someone’s number one and nothing less.

11. King of My Heart

All the references about ruling the kingdom in her room alongside her Prince Charming are really sweet, and the song makes it clear that Joe Alwyn rules her heart. Similar to "Dancing With Our Hands Tied," I really enjoyed the song, but I feel like it's more mediocre when compared to her other tracks. 

12.…Ready for It?

Although the big beats, Taylor-esque chorus, and head-banger bridge are great components in the song, it doesn’t have the depth and overall quality her other songs tend to have.

13. Delicate

This song accurately describes the scary part in your love life where you’re not sure if you should admit your feelings, send that text, or ask them out for another date, etc., because love is a delicate situation that could be destroyed by one comment that came off too strong. While the song’s lyrics are fantastic, it seems that the vibe and music don’t do them justice, which is why it lands at the 13 spot.

14. So It Goes…

Maybe it was just me, but this song was like unseasoned rice: there was no sauce, no protein, and it was just bland. It was nice, but there wasn’t anything that made me think “oh, I HAVE to hear this again.” What’s more, the majority of this album seems to be a tribute to her man, Joe Alwyn, and that's great and all...but I can only take so many songs telling me that he’s the greatest thing since popped popcorn. 

15. Dress

Taylor explores a more sexy side in this track, and although I appreciate Taylor’s openness and honesty in this album… this song may be pushing the line just a little. It felt very uncomfortable…almost as if I was reading a very, very private string of texts that I was never supposed to lay eyes on. Taylor’s parents supposedly walked out from one of her listening parties when this song came on which is pretty hilarious....but I don’t blame them! Finally, while the lyrics are fine, the chorus and melody are more than lacking.

Well...the world moves on but one thing's for sure...

reputation definitely exceeded expectations, and Taylor Swift solidified her reputation as the Queen of Pop.

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