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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

The idea of skincare can often be complicated and overwhelming. Do I use this serum before toner? Should I be using a facial oil during the day? Is slugging good for you? Learning how and where to start is a confusing task, but one company that’s making it easier is Sweet Chef. 

Sweet Chef is a vegan and cruelty-free skincare company created by the same team that made Glow Recipe — the company behind the popular Watermelon Sleeping Mask! Not only does Sweet Chef come from an innovative Korean brand, but they have distinguished themselves from the rest when it comes to their packaging and ingredients.

The company writes that it’s been influenced by “all things natural, healthy, and fresh-pressed.” They believe that our bodies should be supplied with natural and healthy foods, which in turn will help to detoxify and energize our bodies and skin. This isn’t just part of their mission statement; they also show it in their packaging. They name their products after nutritious foods, such as their Oat Milk Cleanser and Beet Retinol Serum. Their bright and colorful bottles also allow for a fun twist in the skincare game.

Not only that, but Sweet Chef is a brand that practices sustainability and promises to protect the environment while making and distributing products. Their packaging is 100% recyclable and they even take an extra step by using post-consumer recycled materials for delivering products like tissue paper and boxes. 

As a brand, we are committed to protecting the environment. Sustainability is a part of our mission and we’re constantly striving to reduce our environmental footprint.


I was lucky enough to be provided with their Carrot Ginger products to try out and I had a great experience as a first-time user of Sweet Chef. I was sent their Carrot Ginger + Salicylic Acid Pore Cleanser and the Carrot Ginger Blemish Patches about a month ago and I have already seen visible changes in my skin’s appearance and texture. 


My skin has gone through a difficult time this year to say the least. Since last summer, I have been dealing with irregular breakouts on my chin and forehead that I have not been able to get rid of. It’s been a frustrating journey, but my skin is finally getting to a better place. Since starting tretinoin in December, I have seen a noticeable change, and in combination with Sweet Chef’s products, it has only gotten better. 


This foaming cleanser is unlike any other foaming face wash I’ve tried before. In most cases, foaming cleansers are not great for sensitive or dry skin due to the fact that they tend to dry and tighten the skin, causing more breakouts. 

When I first began using this product I found it to be super great at removing makeup, which is definitely something I take into consideration because I always end up wasting loads of cotton rounds when removing my mascara. This cleanser also did a wonderful job at brightening my complexion while clearing my skin pretty quickly. Currently, I get little to no breakouts and my discoloration has also faded which is a plus. 

The website writes that one to two pumps are needed in order to effectively clean your face, and as always, the 60-second rule is recommended to utilize the product’s power as best as possible. 


The carrot ginger blemish patches are “hydrocolloid spot patches that help treat and minimize blemishes of all sizes and stages.” Just like the cleanser, the main ingredients in these patches are ginger, carrot, and salicylic acid, all of which help to minimize the blemish before it gets worse. The kit comes with four different sized patches and has a fun print including carrots and orange hearts.

This was my first time using pimple patches of any kind and my experience was unchanging really. They didn’t work as great as I had hoped and did little to minimize my breakouts. However, they did a great job at making my small breakouts disappear!


In all, I do not regret trying these products out. My skin is feeling very good right now and I know that it’s because of my updated skincare routine which includes the Carrot Ginger Salicylic Acid cleanser that I now use everyday. My skin only seems to be getting better, and I can’t wait to see how it looks after six months. 

If you’re considering changing up your own skincare routine, I would definitely recommend Sweet Chef. Not only do they have great products and packaging but they are also very ethical and admirable in the way that they conduct business.

Overall, Sweet Chef is definitely a brand to look at!  

President of Her Campus Utah and Senior at the University of Utah.