Sundance Savior: Your Guide to the 2018 Film Festival

Movie buffs, celebrity gawkers, and of course, anxious filmmakers will crowd Park City this weekend as the Sundance Film Festival begins on January 18th. If you haven’t bought tickets to the highly anticipated festival just yet, don’t worry Her Campus Utah has your complete guide on how to get tickets still, what to see, and general tips for making sure you’re hitting up Sundance like a local.

How to Get Tickets:

If you don’t have tickets yet, there are a few ways to get your hands on them.

  1. Public tickets went on sale January 16th through this link: ( You can snag up to 4 tickets to any show as long as it hasn’t sold out yet. In order to use this link, simply click it and then follow the instructions to create your unique Sundance Profile. Grab your 3 besties and popcorn and you’ll be set to Sundance!
  2. The second method to see the film you’re dying to see is through E-waitlist. If you’re not bogged down with essays and quizzes just yet, this is the way to Sundance. When shows haven’t sold out, Sundance opens them to people who have signed up for the E-waitlist.  Follow this link for a step-by-step guide on how to add your name to the waitlist and even include a friend! The best part is, it’s all mobile! (

What to See:

So you’ve signed up for the E-waitlist, but now what? You want to be sure you’re waiting for the best films, documentaries, and shorts available! Here are some movies that have created a total buzz! 

1. Piercing

Nicolas Pesce is back and is better than ever after his beloved horror, The Eyes of My Mother in 2016. An adaption of the novel by Ryu Murakami, Piercing follows the story of a man who hires an escort with a plan to kill her. Piercing is definitely one to see with a friend so you can hold clench their hand at the, well, piercingly scary parts, instead of the stranger next to you!


2. I Think We’re Alone Now

Reed Morano is an incredibly fresh director with a resume that boasts not only directing episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale but also a significant role in Beyonce’s visual album debut Lemonade and currently filming a Blake Lively thriller. I Think We’re Alone Now showcases two people who believe that they’re the only ones left on earth. But, honestly, anyone who was in the presence of Beyonce is worth seeing!

3. Damsel

Two words: Robert Pattinson. This twist on the classic Western follows the ex-vampire-heartthrob as he journeys to find his true love and is met with all the elements of a classic Western. This is a must-see movie for those of you who are still Team Edward.


4. Mistress America

Were you obsessed with Lady Bird and need more Greta Gerwig? Then catch her in Mistress America in a role that spotlights Gerwig as a freshman in college whose boring life is instantly turned upside by her soon-to-be sister-in-law. This sounds like the perfect flick to grab your gals for!


5. Lila & Eve

Power duo, Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez join forces in this film that explores what it’s like to be mothers who have lost their children to crime. The two women find that both of their children died on the same night and decide to avenge their deaths. JLo does action? Sign us up.

How To Sundance:

Tickets in hand? Check. Now you’re ready to Sundance but before you settle into those movie seats, here are few must-knows for the two-week festival!

  1. Parking is going to be expensive. Park City has an excellent shuttle system set up just for the festival!
  2. Bring a coat! Just because this is an extremely warm winter, doesn’t mean it won’t be cold in Park City. You will end up waiting in lines outside before your showing and you don’t want to be miserable.
  3. Skip the water bottles. Security will more than likely take them so you’re better to leave that hydro-flask and its icy water at home!

Collegiettes, get ready for two weeks of popcorn, incredible movies, and the chances of bumping into some of your favorite actors, actresses, musicians, writers and directors!

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