Struggles of Being a Sophomore

The beginning of sophomore year brings with it a lot of emotions: excitement, nervousness, and a lot of confusion. You feel like you’ve started to get the hang of this whole “college” thing, but on the other hand, feel totally daunted by the fact that there are still three more years of school ahead. And who knows what lies ahead in those three years!?

Here are a lot of the internal struggles that sophomores--and really, probably most college students in general--face:

1. Being back on campus is making you feel super excited to kick ass this next school year…but also really scared because you are now fully aware of what lies ahead.

You’ve already come prepared with your favorite peanut-butter-and-fudge ice cream to comfort you on those horrible all-nighters before the big organic-chemistry test.

2. You are feeling a little nostalgic about all those good times during freshman year…but you are definitely glad you don’t have to relive it.

Gone are the foolish days of trying to wear heels at a frat party, convincing yourself that you love the cafeteria food, and thinking that one more shot won’t really make you that much worse.


3.You are ready to go out every weekend…but you’re really content to stay in on the weekends, too.

All you want to do most Saturday nights is stay in bed and watch your favorite Gossip Girl episode for the 483958493th time.

4. You are feeling much more wise and mature this year…but the thought of officially entering into your 20s' is a little bit terrifying.

Honestly, I have no clue how to “adult.” What is a FICO? How does health insurance work? How often do you have to water plants??


  1. You are starting to get a plan for your future together…but you’re still afraid of commitment.

I might have my major down, but don’t ask me what I’m planning for after undergrad or I might cry. Also, do I want to be in a relationship, or not? Am I capable of taking care of a dog, or should I just stick to goldfish??


College can feel really exhilarating and confusing at the same time. You still feel really young, but at the same time, ready to take on certain responsibilities. I think that sophomore year is a really great time to embrace the change and confusion-- you still have plenty of college ahead of you, but you've finally got some ground beneath your feet. Even though the coming year will probably be a struggle between sticking to a major, keeping old friends and making new ones, trying out something unexpected, etc... definitely have fun with it all and everything will (eventually) fall into place.