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Staying Sane in the Last Week of Mercury Retrograde (September 17th – October 9th)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

You’re settling into your first few weeks of school pretty nicely when suddenly MAJOR issues with your roommates start arising; you’re fighting with the parents again, and on top of that, you started thinking about that guy who totally side-chicked you in July! Why is your life moving backwards?! Why is this all happening?! 

Here’s the thing – the universe is a very mysterious space. Most things are out of our control. Mercury has been in retrograde and this is how you are going to survive its last week of chaos.


1. Do NOT kill your roommates.

I know, suddenly ya’ll are bickering over spilt milk and croutons on the couch. To make it simple, let’s just say our friends, Aries and Libra, are also bickering a lot right now. The forces of Aries are going “Me! Me! Me!” while Libra is fighting “Save the friendship!” The past few retrogrades have been during Aries’ and Libras’ reigns, therefore these two communicative signs are combatting hardcore. Your roommate left her dirty sock on the living room floor, so what? Give her a break, you don’t actually care that much.


2. Be patient with yourself.

You were totally acing this algebra class the first few weeks, right? Once again, communication is gibberish right now. I promise your professor will make a lot more sense after October 9th.

She knows.

3. Wait it out on major decisions.

Thinkin’ about signing a lease late in the game? Wait it out a week. Your mind is foggy when it comes to current events and so is the mind of your landlord.


4. Fight procrastination…

… but don’t be too surprised that it seems to be more intense than usual. Life appears to delay during retrograde. The clock ticks slower, the hours drone by and tasks seem to be left unfinished. This is not the time to start up any big projects.


5. Go ahead, and blame it on the stars,

this time. Yeah, astrology is all fun and games during a daily horoscope or sign compatibility reading. But now is a good time to go, “I am continuously losing my parking tickets and therefore my money… darn you, mercury retrograde for making my mind foggy.” (Hey, it’s been happening to my roommate and this excuse worked like a charm for her).


6. Think before you speak.

 This is a great time for some soul searching. During mercury retrograde cycles, experiences that happened since the previous mercury retrograde are making their way back into your thoughts. However, you are getting clearer ideas about them. This is actually a wonderful time to reflect on the past in order to move forward after the planets go back to their former flow of motion. Take this last week to yourself, you’re tired of all the miscommunication with others.


Don’t forget to take notes of the next retrograde dates, and good luck!


Don't make this ginger snap... just kidding. I'm usually pretty nice. I am a happy-go-lucky, Avril Lavigne lovin' and poodle obsessed San Diego girl. I think I'v been handling the cold weather pretty well! Communication is my degree of choice, although maybe someday I'll be a world reknown astrologer... One last thing: I'm pretty sarcastic. 
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor