Stages of Finding a New Netflix Show

Ding! The sweet sound of your microwave telling you that the popcorn is ready.  You have finished your homework, put in your laundry, and are ready to binge the new season.  Only problem is that once the day is done you will no longer have something new to watch. It could have been avoided.  Yet, here you are again.  Finishing up the last of Criminal Minds season 10 and in need of something new.  This is a sad cycle that you can’t help but repeat. You should have seen this coming. But, what are the signs?

1. You finish your last episode

There comes a time when all great things must come to an end. Sadly, the time has come when you close to finished with your favorite show. You might be excited to finally know what happens but after this it is a slippery slope.

2. You start to watch Friends... Again

Between every great show there is always a fall back. You can start Friends at any point because, lets face it, you know everything about Friends.

3. You start looking for a new show

This a very important step because if you suceed you can skip steps 4-6.

4. You start to flirt with a new show

You looked through all of the recomendations and found one that looks promising.  You decide to give this new show a try.

5. You get bored

Even though the show had a good story it can't fill that void. You are so bored that you have already gone back to Friends.

6. You look for a show... Again

You have become desperate enough to start looking again.

7. You find a show you love

This time you know you are going to watch every episode.

8. You don't leave your bed

You start ordering chinese because you can't leave your computer to get anything.

You are finally back to the your old self. Pretty soon you will be out of episodes again but you don't need to worry. By that point Criminal Minds season 11 should be on Netflix.