Springtime Tips: College Survival Edition

Spring is creepin’ in, slowly but surely. We are all starting to feel it. I cannot tell you what a relief it was to have my dorm room window open this weekend. I could hear the wind, the birds, and a few rambunctious college students strolling past also embracing the good weather; of course, it snowed the next day, quickly killing my Spring buzz… or so Mother Nature thought. Spring Fever settled quickly into my spirit the first warm day in January, and I have waited patiently for more consecutively warm days. I keep thinking they are here, and another snow storm hits, so before another one comes, I thought I would throw together some tips to welcome Springtime a little early this year since it is already nestled deeply into our longing hearts.

1. Bring on the Spring wardrobe! I’ll be honest, I have been wearing yellow this whole long winter, but for those of you a little more seasonally organized, start pulling out the pastels! T’s, windbreakers and cardigans, capris, and sandals are about to make a comeback, and your soul will begin to bloom with the flowers.

2. Study outside or next to a window. Letting the light and changing winds breathe new life into your study habits. Don’t let Spring Fever kill your motivation, yet.

3. Put your records on and create a Spring playlist. Don’t let the gloomy weather get your down by pulling together a bopping playlist full of summer vibes.

4. Start your planning! Nothing like good plans to motivate you to get through the coming weeks as fast as you can! Get together with your pals, and start taking action on those summer plans you’ve always dreamed of, even if you can only swing a weekend getaway.

5. Get out into nature. Going for a run or a walk to clear your head, hiking with friends, or yoga in the park are once again possibilities with the weather warming up. Start implementing time for yourself out in nature into your routine –you will have a front row seat to all the new growth this year, both outside an in your soul.

6. Spring Snacks: bring out the fruits, vegetables, lemonades, iced teas, smoothies, and salads. Not only will you feel great, but your skin will glow, and you will feel refreshed.

7. Take good care of your skin and hair. Stock up on moisturizers, body butters, sugar scrubs, hair masks, leave-in conditioners and oils and more. You’ll be glowing so much people will think you brought on Spring single-handedly.

8. Say hello to Spring makeup styles. Welcome Spring by trying out some new makeup styles fit for the queen you are. Playing with bright colors and dramatic accents will bump up your makeup looks this season.

9. Buy a plant or some flowers for yourself. Brighten up that dreary dorm room with a lovely plant.

10. New growth journal. Spring is the season of new growth, but you have been growing all year. Write some of the things down that you have learned. Write about the challenges and the lessons or gifts that came from them. Write about your mind, body, and spirit and the ways you have grown in all three areas. Celebrate yourself, and enjoy the growth.

Spring is just around the corner! Don’t give up yet! This Spring semester may be dragging on, but it will be over before you know it and then you can look back at all you have accomplished. There is so much more work to be done, and I hope these tips help that checklist check itself off faster. Just know I will be right alongside you, chugging along in my classes and longing for Summer. It will be here soon enough, so try to enjoy the ride and live presently.

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