Spotify Playlists to Get You Through the Rest of this Semester

The last week and a half of any semester can be very stressful. You are trying to juggle keeping your grades up, going to classes, writing far too many papers, and studying for finals. For most college students, it takes all of their willpower to keep pushing, attend every class, do all of their assignments, and refuse to let their grades drop with the holidays so close. Your mind is telling you to hang in there for few days you have left, but your body is telling you that you have done enough, and that it's time to stop everything, and get into the Christmas spirit. These Spotify playlists (that will not include any country music for my own sanity) and these Spongebob gifs will help you balance everything you have left this semester, and it will help guide you through these last two weeks!


Music to listen to while you are studying for exams or working on your mountain of HW: 

Music can be very helpful for when you are trying to write the three papers your professors dropped on you at the same time (and can help relieve stress when you only have two days to write them all). It can also come in handy when you are “studying” (aka looking at your notes, and pretending you understand what you wrote down, so you can continue watching Netflix) or actually studying for your exams. Whether you are the type of person who needs upbeat music to study, classical music to study, or a mixture of both, these playlists will definitely make you feel motivated and help you get some work done.


1. For the upbeat studiers

2. For the classical studiers

3. For the combo studiers


Music for when you are getting ready to take your exams:

Before you take any final exam, you need to get yourself pumped. Going into an exam in a good and confident mood can make all the difference. There are thousands of awesome playlists on Spotify that can help you get jazzed up for an exam, but my this playlist is definitely one of the best.


Music to cheer you up and get you in the Xmas mood: 

After a rough exam or a tough day in general, it can be very helpful to realize that Christmas is just around the corner! While you are walking or driving home from an exam in 20 degrees, Christmas music can be a great morale booster, and can really get you excited to take the rest of your finals. While everyone has different opinions on music for the holidays, this is definitely a great playlist, and you can be sure that it will cheer you up!


Music for when you are struggling to hang in there: 

Finding the motivation to keep doing your homework, studying, and going to your classes for these last few days can be nearly impossible. However, this playlist will lift your spirits, motivate you to make it through the next few days, and will definitely help you find your second wind. Just remember that after this you get to go home for a month with no homework and lots of presents and family!


Music for when you are procrastinating and stressed and need to chill: 

Being overwhelmed is no fun, but the last week and a half of school can be very overwhelming. Sometimes we just need to take time for ourselves to chill, drink some coffee, and listen to some good music. This is the perfect playlist for all of those things.


Music for when you finish your last exam: 

You did it! You are done! This is probably the best you are going to feel all semester so soak it in! You finished another semester of college, and no matter how your exams went, you made it through! It is time to celebrate, and this playlist will definitely help you do so!


Music for when you are driving home for winter break, and you no longer care about school: 

You made it through and now you get to go home, drink eggnog, chill, shop online for your family, and for the first time in months, you can sleep the suggested amount for a person of your age. This playlist is honestly great for any time you are feeling amazing, but there is no better time than the drive home from your last day of the semester.


Music is a wonderful thing, and most of us couldn’t get through college or life without it. I hope these playlists help guide you through your last few days of the semester, and I hope they remain in your lives. Honestly, if you give them a chance, you will find that they are all great playlists. Good luck fellow music lovers!



And while we're featuring the one-and-only Spongebob Squarepants, let us pay homage to the incredible man who created the character that shaped so many of our childhoods. Spongebob really is an iconic character, and the man who created him more than deserves some recognition. May the legend that is Stephen Hillenburg rest in peace. 



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