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So You Failed at Your New Year’s Resolutions

January is over and the shininess of the new year has now worn off. The new year brings a surge of motivation and goal setting for many people. They want to get healthy, start a new habit, or start working toward a major goal for their life. However, as January comes to an end, most people lose the motivation for the resolutions they made at the beginning of the month.

I don’t know about you, but I appeared to have failed at my New Year’s resolutions the very first week of January. One of my resolutions is to be healthier this year and I didn’t go to the gym or workout the entire first week of January. I didn’t change my eating habits either. However, even though I didn’t start working toward that goal the very first week of the new year, it doesn’t mean that I failed at it. I still have the entire year to work toward this goal. I’m starting out slow and trying to figure out what will work for me.


One night I was talking to my mom, and she told me that when she went to her yoga class, she couldn’t find a spot to lay out her mat. She’s been going to this studio and this particular class for about a year and a half, and suddenly the entire room is packed and the people who are regulars can’t find a spot. She told me she couldn’t wait for people to give up on their resolutions so everything could go back to normal. This is the mentality that most people have at the beginning of the year, especially when it comes to gyms and working out. However, it can be super intimidating for people to start going to a gym when they know it is going to be packed, so they just give up before they even start.


I’m here to tell you that it is okay if you fail the first time you try to work towards your resolutions. Just don’t give up on them. You aren’t going to achieve your goals in a week. A lot of goals can take years to achieve, and if you get discouraged the first time something goes wrong, then you are setting yourself up for failure. Learn from the mistakes you make and try again. If your goal is to be more active, but you are intimidated to go to a gym, try doing at-home workouts. There are so many YouTube videos that you can use to just do a small workout in your room. If your goal is to learn something new, don’t jump into an advanced project. Start with the basics and practice before starting on the bigger project.

Keep going and keep trying. You have 11 more months to achieve those goals that you made at the beginning of the year. So it’s okay if you fail. Don’t give up! You got this!


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