Show Yourself Some Self-Love this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day can be hard, especially if you’re single or have no plans for the night. Some groups of friends may celebrate Galentine’s or Broentine’s (I may have just made that second one up). However, sometimes you just want to stay home and treat yourself to a big bowl of ice cream. I totally get it -- I love doing that, and I've decided that everyone needs to show themselves some self-love every once in a while. These four waysto care for yourself are great ways to make this Valentine’s day one to remember. You can also use these after Valentine’s day, particularly when you need some alone time. 

  1. 1. Take yourself on a date

    woman eating at a restaurant table

    Start to become independent with yourself. Whether you’ve just gotten out of a relationship or have been by yourself for a long time, do something out of your comfort zone and go out. This could be going to dinner by yourself, seeing that movie you’ve been dying to see, or getting a Groupon for paint night. I have found that doing things by myself has made me more confident in myself -- perhaps it can boost your confidence as well.

  2. 2. Spoil yourself

    Chandler Long Day

    As my favorites, Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle say ‘TREAT YO SELF’. Purchase that new mascara you’ve been dying to buy, or get yourself a pedicure. You don’t need someone else to spoil you. If you’re balling on a budget, take a bath with some candles, read that book that’s been collecting dust on the shelf, or even binge your favorite Netflix original (I definitely recommend Sex Education).

  3. 3. Write yourself a love note

    The Lalagirl Writing In Notebook

    We all remember those notes we were dying to get from that one person in middle school and high school. Bring back that feeling by writing yourself a love note. Write about your strengths, achievements, goals, etc. Read it to yourself right after, or hide it away until you need it after a hard day. Writing things down can help make things feel more real and meaningful.

  4. 4. Invest in your health

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    Focusing on your health is a great way to show self-love. Drinking more water, meditating, walking around the block, etc. can drastically boost your physical health, as well as your mental and emotional health. Being able to build healthy lifestyles now will help make them last for a long time.

Share these ideas with your friends, partner, family, etc. No matter where you are in life, it’s important to love yourself and to build that confidence to know that you are enough. Enjoy that movie and that pedicure -- you deserve it!