The Show That's Bringing Euphoria to Makeup

We’ve all heard the hype about HBO’s Euphoria, which features the incredible Zendaya along with many lesser known actors like Maude Apatow and Angus Cloud. The series focuses on Rue, a drug addicted teen fresh out of rehab who has no intention of staying clean--at first, anyway.The show is breaking boundaries as far as the way television normally portrays the life of teenagers in America, focusing on major issues like drugs and domestic violence while being casual about gender identity and sexual orientation in a way I personally have never seen before. One surprising aspect of the show has had a visible impact on popular culture is the makeup.

The makeup in the show is incredible, from Jules’ geometric pastel eyeshadow to Maddy’s signature rhinestones. The Euphoria makeup artists really changed the game. Every character has their own very defined style that is brought to life by how they wear their makeup and when. Kat likes big, bold neon eyeshadow and messy brows, Cassie likes winged liner with blinding highlights, and Jules loves her pastels and bright, colorful liner. Even Rue, who doesn’t wear makeup except for special events, is given a look that compliments her character. She literally looks like she’s crying glitter at one point. Who would have thought of that?

The beauty community couldn’t help but be influenced by these crazy and innovative looks. There has been an outpouring of Euphoria inspired looks coming from YouTube and social media influencers along with regular people opting for makeup that is a little more creative than they might otherwise be comfortable with. Some people simply recreate iconic looks from the show while others have created something that matches more with their vibe. The biggest change that has stuck around from the Euphoria hype is that rhinestones are back! People are popping these things in their eyebrows, using them to create faux freckles, and even covering their entire face with sparkling gems. Plus if neons were making a comeback before the show aired, they are definitely back for good now.

One thing that I find a little disappointing is the lack of focus on Jules’ character. While this might be because some of her makeup looks were a little simplistic, so they are less fun to recreate, it's a shame that fewer people are picking up their pastels and colorful liners than are grasping at rhinestones. While Maddy’s looks are totally iconic, Jules’ color choices were much more interesting and the simplicity was beautiful. Often Jules would come out with some neon graphic liner and call it good, other times she brought a pastel rainbow up into her brows and rocked it. One thing people have picked up though is her use of reflective stickers in place of eyeshadow. I think this is because the stickers are a little easier to incorporate into a bold look and really do add a pop of something interesting to an otherwise boring look. 

Euphoria has had such a large cultural impact since it's release over the summer and fans are begging for more. From changing the way that young people are portrayed on TV to revolutionizing the makeup game, this show has really made an impression!

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