The Secrets of the Universe

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nikolai Tesla 

Tesla was dancing with the elements that create magic in the universe. We can define just about everything in terms of energy and vibration. Emotions, objects, feelings and situations are classified as high vibe or low vibe. The highest, most pure form of energy comes in the shape of unconditional love. The lowest vibrational energy creeps in the form of shame. 

Shame is the vibration in which one creates false narratives in their minds that cause mass destruction. The pathway of our thoughts determines how we see the world, experience relationships, as well as what we will or will not tolerate. Shame is like a dementor who sucks the very life from your soul and displays your demons out for the world to see. 

If shame were a being, they would put you up on a pedestal in front of the most harmful and criticizing jury. The jury would fill your mind with poisonous thoughts which infiltrate your body and fill your soul with a revolting stench. Shame will rot you from the inside out leaving you feeling convicted and guilty to the core.  

Your defense attorney would blatantly stare the jury, legislation and judge in the face and smugly smile. They would then unveil your greatest attributes, true characteristics, and not allow the demons which toll within your mind to speak their foul lies. They would begin their rebuttal by stating, “It may appease the courts that my client has an alibi to vouge for their unapologetically authentic behavior. What may appear to you as a flawed premise; appears to me as growth, strength, beauty and resilience”. The jury would scoff in disbelief, but the judge would be hypnotized by the frequency of the pied pipers tune. So hypnotized in fact, that their only choice would be to fully submit and surrender. 

The truth is, you shouldn’t believe everything your brain tells you. We are constantly battling in a great war between our “ego” and our “spirit.” One is the judge and jury of shame, convincing us that we are nothing, that people don’t like us and that we have no value to give to the world. While our spirit humbly and unconditionally loving-ly laughs in the face of our ego and trumps it with all of it’s high vibrational justice and joy. 

Today I ask that you jump onto the pedestal with your toughest armor made of steel, confront your shame and convince the judge and the jury that they are merely muffled background noise to your magnum opus. (a large and important work of art, music, or literature, especially one regarded as the most important work of an artist or writer). You are and always have been a beautiful fragment of stardust created from the most unconditionally loving vibration and put on this planet to learn and to teach. 

So my darling, are you ready to discover the secrets of the universe?*