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Salt Lake City Mayoral Race – Luz Escamilla

As the Salt Lake City Mayoral Election approaches, it is vital to identify the distinctive characteristics of each candidate. This article will discuss three attributes of Luz Escamilla that you should consider before placing your vote on November 5, 2019.


 “Luz Escamilla has nearly twenty years of leadership experience in the private and nonprofit sectors as well as the executive and legislative branches of state government.”

Escamilla has spent 10 years representing District 1 in the Utah State Senate. She is currently the Minority Whip, serving as the second-ranking Democrat in the State Senate. The state senator is currently a member of 16 legislative committees, including the International Relations and Trade Committee and the Legislative Management Committee. Escamilla has also served on 12 other caucuses or non-legislative committees during her time in the Utah State Senate.

Policy Positions

Recently, Escamilla has had to overcome critics that said she would exhibit loyalty to her church through her policy positions; however, Escamilla, as a member of the LDS Church, has voted against the church’s positions multiple times. For example, she recently voted to increase the alcohol cap for beer sales, along with voting to authorize medical marijuana. In line with her history of voting against conservative norms, Escamilla has voted against the further restriction of abortions in the state since 2010.


In an impressive statement on her website, Escamilla has outlined a set of pressing issues that she would like to focus on as Mayor of Salt Lake City:

“Salt Lake City is experiencing a renaissance…. However, for us to take full advantage of this moment, we must find solutions to a number of issues, such as: how we grow and develop in a smart and sustainable way; how we improve our air quality and protect our environment for future generations; how we ensure affordable housing across our city; how we address homelessness; and how we do more for the safety, education and welfare of our children.”

This portion of her campaign website is an incredibly useful tool because it allows voters to read exactly what Escamilla’s policy proposals would entail.

Throughout her career in government, Luz Escamilla has established herself as a strong democrat in a GOP-controlled state. While she has consistently represented the relatively liberal values of her constituents, Escamilla has also been able to build relationships in the legislature in order to accomplish her goals. Voters that desire a candidate who demonstrates consistency, predictability, and experience may find comfort in selecting Luz Escamilla for Salt Lake City Mayor.

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