Rework Your Wardrobe In 2020

New year, new you? 2020 brings new ideas, new inspirations, but also new challenges. I constantly find myself scrolling through Pinterest or seeing outfits I want to try on my Instagram feed, but don't really want to shell out for sixteen new pieces before we're even six weeks into the new year. Tired of your wardrobe and want something new? Here are a few ideas on how to rework your wardrobe without breaking the bank. 

Rework something you used to love

A cost productive way of having something new in your wardrobe is to create it! Take a pair of scissors to your old tee-shirt: crop it, put slits in the side...get creative! You can also add a patch to a sweatshirt or one of your old pairs of jeans. Whatever it may be, rework something that you aren’t wearing anymore, and create something new. 

Wear something you haven’t worn in a while 

This may seem like commonsense, but just hear me out for a second. I reach for the clothes that are typically the newest in my wardrobe or my most favorite, however you can rediscover something that is sitting in the back of your closet waiting to be worn. Try and wear this piece differently than you have before or with a few other favorite pieces of clothing. There was a reason you bought it in the first place and a reason you have kept it. You never know what you may have forgotten about. 

Trade pieces with friends 

Most likely you have a friend who has a similar style to us or likes some of the clothing you have. Ask them if they would be willing to trade a few pieces of clothing in exchange for some of yours. You can cater it to their style, trade for a short amount of time and then trade back, however you decide, this will allow you to wear new items while still spending no money while also giving your friend something new to wear. 

Buy basics or classic items 

I find that having basics in your wardrobe such as a classic white tee, a leather jacket, or a staple pair of jeans, helps me create easy but fashionable outfits. Having a base for your outfits allows for easier outfit creation. Taking a simple piece and adding a statement to your outfit not only looks fashionable but is relatively easy to do!

Clean your closet out 

Marie Kondo your closet (if you don’t know what this is watch the show on Netflix or read her book for more information)! Making space for the new by getting rid of the old will free up space for creativity. You can sell your clothes and trade for either cash or store credit. This allows you to make room for the new pieces while also being productive with your spending. 

Challenge yourself in 2020 to try and rework your wardrobe for some new outfit magic! 

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