Real Collegiettes Tell Us How They Make Their Own Luck

How many times do we sit around and not ask out that cute boy at the grocery store or send our resume to our dream internship because, well we don’t have a good reason... we just don’t do it?  We just kind of hope that one day things will fall into place. Someone will just hand us our dream job or it will be easy to get on the Dean’s List.  Collegiettes, let's be real, neither of those things will happen if we don’t hustle.  Luck isn’t something we can rely on.  It’s an elusive concept that is fickle with who it chooses to grace with its presence.  But who’s to say we can’t make our own luck?  Ladies, this is the 21st century, it’s a time where we can have anything we want if we go for it.  I’m not saying that getting what you want is easy but it’s totally possible. 

 I’m also not saying that we all are unaware that we have to work hard in life to get what we want. That’s obvious. But many people, myself included, find themselves sitting around wishing for things to hopefully just happen. Hard work is going to be hard, and no one likes to do hard things. But if you think about achieving your goal as making your own luck you can stay focused on the results in a positive way instead of getting overwhelmed by only seeing the grunt work you’re going to have to do. Many collegiettes are making their own luck and succeeding. I asked some successful collegiettes how they stopped sitting around, wishing for good things and started making it happen.  Here are their stories and advice.  Get ready to be inspired. 

              Sophie, a sophomore here at the University of Utah and special education major shares how she gets what she wants: “I know that nothing comes easy and I have to work hard early in life so I can enjoy the rest of my life.  Every day I challenge myself to be the best I can be and yes, I am human but I don’t believe in giving up easily. Nothing is handed to you, if you want to make things happen you have to get off your ass and do it.  I live my life grateful that I woke up and take advantage by not sleeping on my dreams.”

             “Take every opportunity, even if you think there’s no chance of getting the position you applied for. You only learn from rejection, you can improve and refine your skills for the next time.  Talk, ask questions, and network.  Learn to love the struggle. Overcoming obstacles builds you. You don’t recognize it until you can look back. I have dyslexia and learning how to read and comprehend what I read is still a daily struggle. But because of good support I made it to college. It’s difficult and frustrating but because I pushed through I know I can accomplish my dreams. Don’t be afraid of the challenge, just keep putting one foot in front of the other,” says Claire, a sophomore and intern at the business school as an Eccles ambassador.

              McKenna, a junior who was recently accepted into the athletic training program here at the U says: “When it comes to my ambitions, I don’t think luck or chance has anything to do with it. Working hard is how to make things happen in your life. When I become an awesome athletic trainer it won’t be because of luck; it will happen because I worked hard and I deserve it.”

              Kadi, a Junior and President of Alpha Phi at the University of Utah tells us how she achieves success in her life by doing more than just wishing and wanting.  “Success doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by choice. It doesn’t happen by wishing upon a star, it happens though hard work and dedication. It happens by putting your heart and soul into your work and believing you will have success. Success doesn’t fall into your lap, you earn it.”

All of these women are smart, successful, and hardworking because they don’t sleep on their dreams. They take risks. They work hard for the things they deserve. You can’t just wish upon a star to make good things happen. We all deserve the best, ladies. But to get the best we have to be the best and that takes some blood, sweat and tears. When we look 5 or 10 years down the road I’m sure we all see ourselves blessed with a great life. If we want to be #goals we have to reach our goals and it’s totally possible. You just have to get up and do it.