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Four years ago I went on a trip of a lifetime to a city I knew nothing about. Prague, the capital of The Czech Republic is now a place I dream of returning to. My trip to Prague in the summer of 2015 was my first trip to Europe, now with major cities London, Paris and Vienna under my belt, Prague is the city I recommend to those going abroad. With as much beauty, history, and surprisingly affordable prices, it’s a mystery to me that Prague seems to be an underrated travel destination for the majority.

There is something for all walks of life to enjoy in this historic city. From sensational street food, to fine dining, gypsy violin on the Charles bridge to Don Giovanni in famous performance halls. Explore art galleries and castles, historic graveyards and cathedrals. There is surprise and magic down every street, and around every corner of Old Town Square. So much so that I was in Prague for three weeks, and felt as if I could have spent twice as long there while still finding something new and exciting to do each day. If I have convinced you to start planning your next trip with Prague as your destination, here are three things that you can’t afford to miss while you’re there.  

1. Prague Castle

Looking over the city in all its Baroque and Mannerism glory is Prague Castle. Construction starting in 870 and completed in 1929, this castle is a must see while visiting Prague. It would actually be difficult to miss Prague Castle because of its size and position in the city, especially while visiting other popular tourist destinations, you’ll most likely have a picture perfect view of it. But the real pleasure is getting up close and personal with the castle. Protected by gargoyles and encased in stained glass windows, Prague Castle is an architectural masterpiece that looks like it came out of a fairy tale. And that’s just the outside. Prague Castle is the official office for the president of the Czech Republic and has been a seat of power for Kings and Holy Roman Emperors as well. You can book a guided tour of the castle in the following languages: Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian. 

2. Astronomical Clock

In Old Town Square, The Astronomical Clock puts on a performance that gathers hundreds of tourist around it every hour. This medieval clock tower is the oldest astronomical clock in the world that is still working. Statues of Catholic saints stand on each side of the clock, and every hour moving figures called “The Walk of The Apostles” march out of the clock followed by the statue of death to tell the time. Not only is gathering around the clock tower a beautiful and historic sight, but it’s a free one as well. Just make sure to get there a few minutes early to be able to get a good view. The clock draws a crowd quickly.

3. Charles Bridge

On this bridge is where some of my favorite moments of my trip took place. The Charles bridge is a historic bridge that crosses the Vltava river. Its construction began in 1357 while Charles IV ruled and wasn’t finished until the beginning of the 15th century. This magical bridge is surrounded by statues of saints watching over those who cross it. Filled with people from all over the world enjoying the view of the castle, the breeze from the river, and the street performers who play classical music as if they get paid in smiles, the Charles Bridge is a destination everyone should have on their bucket list. A slow walk across this bridge puts a bit more romance in your heart. Watching the street artist’s sketch portraits of travelers, and listening to the string quartets perform music from the past, I promise you’ll get the travel bug.


From there, the world’s the limit! If any opportunity to travel to Europe is given to you, make sure that Prague is on your list of places to visit while there. The three tourist destinations above are the most popular in Prague, and for good reason. But there are hundreds of other activities to do while you’re there. My advice, after visiting the must see hot spots, just get lost for a day within the city’s many charms. You won’t regret getting the Czech Republic stamped in your passport.


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Stevie Mitchell is a graduate from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre Studies. Her poetry has been published in City Weekly: Poets Corner, and the University of Utah's literary journal: The Canticle. She spends her time reading to better understand the world, and writing to better understand herself.
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