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Anna Schultz-Girl On Boy'S Back
Anna Schultz-Girl On Boy'S Back
Anna Schultz / Her Campus
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

With Valentine’s day come and gone, it was a reminder of all the couples that are taking on and over the world around us. Hello Ryan Reyonalds and Blake Lively? The Obamas?? They define #relationshipgoals every single day of the year. Then there is the world of power couples in sports. They don’t only have relationship goals in life, but then prove their own power on the field. There are a countless number of these couples, but there are four that have created and exceeded power couples in sports. Ever feeling like you need a little motivation or a heart warming story, these are made for it. 

Zach and Julie Etrz

Zach and Julie made hearts melt a few years back a video went viral when Julia found out that Zach would be going to the Super Bowl directly after scoring the final goal for the United States Women’s National Soccer Team. As she squealed “are they really going?” her teammates crowded around her as she teared up at the Eagle’s making it to the big game. The two have continued to cheer and support each other as Zach went on to win the Super Bowl and a year later Julia was part of the winning world cup USWNT team. 

Casey Jennings and Keri Walsh-Jennings 

Casey and Keri were both pursuing beach volleyball careers and then achieved those careers together. Keri became one of the household names in beach volleyball and won gold for team USA in four consecutive Olympics. The power in this couple is their openness and sincerity in the struggles they faced throughout their marriage. Keri even noted that her biggest accomplishment wasn’t winning a gold medal but saving her marriage for herself and her kids. They are also leading a trend of allowing their children to play multiple sports instead of just focusing on one. 

Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger 

Before getting married these two had a lot to celebrate; they won the Fifa 2019 World Cup together. Ashlyn is the goalkeeping on the team while Ali runs right in front of her as a defender. After keeping their relationship a secret they entered the tournament officially engaged and continued to make heart swoon as they wed soon after in Miami. Ashlyn also caught eyes on her stories all of social media documenting their win and continues to capture hearts with her new wife. They aren’t cheering each other on from the stands, but work together to make a dream team on and off the field. 

Hunter Woodhall and Tara David

Hunter and Tara are both track athletes, have a Youtube channel together, and are taking on young long distance couple goals. Hunter is a paralympic athlete and is open about his journey through running while without formation of his lower legs. He has a condition called fibular hemimelia but has defied odds and won medals while also competing collegiately. Tara Davis has also been competing collegiately and holds world records in junior 60m. These two have been running together since 2017 and by the looks of their Instagram’s are still strong as ever. If you need a bit of love, check out what they are doing, they never don’t look happy together!

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