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You know the smudged-but-not-too-smudged, flushed in a pink— definitely not red— glowy, effortless, I’m late to this meeting because my sex life is great and my beauty is natural, not because I spent too much time choosing which black bralette looked best with this blouse, post-sex look? I’m not 100% sure this is achievable through actually having sex (trust me, I’ve tried,) but I’m sure as hell that makeup is what creates that: “I swear, I’m not trying,” look. Read below.


Step one: Your base.

Think: glow. If you don’t already know that plump, glowy skin starts with a proper skin care regimen and a slightly-out-of-your-price-range moisturizer and/or serum that’s just totally worth it, start doing some more research. As Glossier’s motto goes: Skin first, makeup second. …

After you’ve followed your daily morning skincare routine (which I assume includes a soothing, $15+ face mist followed with your worth-eating-ramen-for-dinner-three-days-in-a-row moisturizer to lock in all that rich, glowy goodness) you’ve got to cover your face with a natural-looking layer of foundation. BB cream or tinted moisturizer is always best for that even-toned, low-coverage, effortless glowy look, but most of us (including myself) are not blessed with poreless, blemish-free skin. An affordable (!) foundation that provides buildable coverage while still looking natural is L’oreal’s Pro-Glow Foundation. I’ve been using this stuff for years, and I love that it comes in a ton of different shades.


Step 2: Eyes

Now that you’ve created the illusion that your skin is poreless, it’s time for eyes. I’m a huge fan of Glossier’s Lidstar cream eyeshadows because they don’t smudge and give a really effortless, glowy look to the eyes. A little goes a long way with these and the color is really buildable. The versatility allows you to create a lot of different looks with just a couple of shades. I love using ‘Cub’ on my entire lid and ‘Moon’ in the corners of my eyes. To amp up your post-sex look, try dabbing some under your lash line for a low-key smokey-eye.

Now for lashes. I’m a firm believer that every woman has her mascara. One drug store, one medium, one high end. When going for a natural look, I always grab for my Glossier Lash Slick. Best. Mascara. Ever. It’s actually smudge-proof. Just enough black, just enough curl, just enough hold. It’s the perfect I’m-trying-but-I’m-not-trying lash product. Swipe it on. Look effortless.

Step 3: Get that fake flush

Here’s where you get that post-makeout-flushed-glow that makes you look happier and healthier than Margot Robbie after her daily ten-mile run. Yep, you guessed it, Glossier Cloud Paint. Pick your shade, blend into your cheeks, look fresh and flushed. My all-time favorite shade is ‘Beam’ for a bright-natural look, but recently I’ve been using one of their newer shades: ‘Storm’ for the perfect post-pilates feel.


Step 4: Your GLOW!

Here’s the big one… highlight, highlight, highlight. (Sorry to be a slut for Glossier, but…) Glossier Haloscope is the best and, cross-my-heart, only highlighter I use. It’s the most natural-looking glow you can achieve. Spread that goodness everywhere. On your cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, highlight that brow bone, cupid’s bow, collarbones… I love the shades ‘Quartz’ and ‘Moonstone’. I can’t pick a favorite.

Step 5: Looking Lippy

Adding a sheer lip color will really make it look like you might have just made-out! The Glossier running through my veins tells me that Glossier’s Generation G sheer matte lipstick is the best way to achieve this look, with a swipe of my favorite shade ‘Zip’ over my entire lip, and an extra swipe in the middle for a fade-out look, it’s the ultimate make-out lip. You can try this trick with any other lipstick, just keep it light to maintain your effortless look!

These tips will help you keep that post-sex glow long after you roll out of the sheets. Spray some sea salt spray in your hair, kick-ass at work/school, look effortless, look recently kissed, and head on your way. Glow.


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