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A PNM’s Guide to Spring Recruitment

Spring recruitment is upon us here at the U, and let me tell you, it is vastly different from Fall recruitment. We’ve compiled some helpful tips that will help you make the most of your Spring recruitment experience!

Unfortunately, Not Everyone Can Participate

If you went through Fall recruitment and accepted a bid from a house, you are unable to participate in recruitment of any kind until the following Fall. If you went to a house on Bid-Day or made it through Preference Night (night three) and signed the piece of paper stating your top house, then you are bid matched to that house for a whole year. However, you are able to go through recruitment the next Fall, the following Spring, or you can even wait and see if the house you are interested in participates in continuous open bidding.

It Is Much More Informal

Fall recruitment is extremely formal, whereas Spring recruitment is a lot more laid back. You can show up the activities any time while they are going on and your clothing can be much more comfortable. During spring recruitment, there is not usually a “Pref Night” where you are expected to wear a dress. You don’t have to wait for women in the sorority to get up and bring you to another portion of the house. You can choose who you talk to, how many girls you talk to, where you sit, and what you see.

Talk to As Many People As You Can

At this point in the semester, you might know a few girls in each house. Although it might be scary, try your best to talk to girls you don’t know. The more women in each house you meet, the more likely you are to get a feel of what the house is all about. There will most likely be girls who you love and girls who you could do without in each house, so it is important to make as many new acquaintances as possible. This is also in your best interest because the more girls who know and love you, the more likely you are to receive a bid.

Go to As Many Houses and Activities As You Are Able To

This Spring recruitment, Alpha Chi Omega, Chi Omega, and Pi Beta Phi are offering bids to their houses. Even if you think you have your heart set on one particular house, you should attend at least one event at each one. Each house has put an immense amount of time and effort into plannning events that will interest you and they want nothing more than to open their doors and share their sisterhood. You may be pleasantly surprised by the girls you meet and end up choosing a house that you did not necessarily think you wanted at first. Which brings us to our next bit of advice…

Ignore Stereotypes

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!!!! Often times you will hear a stereotype associated with a particular house.  This is by no means true. There are over 100 girls in each house, it is nearly impossible for every single girl to perpetuate the same exact stereotype.  Ignoring outside perceptions on each house will allow you to keep an open mind and not go into a home with expectations.

Do Not Accept a Bid Right Away

Unless you are 100% sure that a certain house is right for you, it is best to not accept a bid right away. The cool thing about Spring recruitment is that you can receive a bid to every single house participating. This allows you to keep your options open and to have a clear mind about knowing what house you want. If you accept a bid right away then you are unable to accept a bid to any other house for a year afterward. 

Be Yourself

This is the most important part of any type of recruitment. BE YOURSELF!!! By showing the women in each house exactly who you are, you are allowing yourself and the house to see exactly what it would be like to have you in their sisterhood. If you’re trying to be someone you’re not or feel like you have to “put on a show” for people to like you, then you might end up in a house that you were not meant for. Don’t try to appease others, rather, show the girls your personality. This will help you find a house that you will be committed to and who will be committed to you for the rest of your college career.

Be sure to mark down the dates of Alpha Chi Omega, Chi Omega, and Pi Beta Phi’s Spring recruitment events


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