A Photo Journey Through Kruger National Park


Photo Credits: Tristyn Page


Photography In Kruger

I have never felt more at home than I did in South Africa and Kruger National Park. The landscape, the animals, and the wondrous feeling of being on a new continent has me continuously looking to repeat my adventures. The photography is unparalleled to near anything you can ever take anywhere else and it leaves you feeling truly grateful for the wondrous opportunity to be this close to the wildlife. So please, read on and see the behind the scenes of my photos and hopefully, you too could one day step into photographer's shoes in Kruger. 


Behind the Photos


Landscape Photography

The Bourke Luck Potholes laying just outside of the Borders of Kruger and the town of Blyderivierspoort are pools of water that have carved out the rock over the millennia to create caverns of smooth stone. Layers of rock have been exposed to the elements, leaving various shades of contrast perfect for photography.


Wildlife Photography

The main attraction for photographers to Kruger National Park of course is the close encounters you have with the Big 5; Elephants, Lions, Water Buffalo, Leopards, and Rhinos. I had close ups with 3 of the Big 5 that left me quivering in my shoes. The holy grail of wildlife photography can easily be shot in Kruger straight from your car (P.S. you can’t get out of your car, so please don’t try). I focused my time mainly In the southern part of the park, mainly photographing the wildlife than the scenery. In the north however, mountains begin to rise in the Limpopo province bringing Baobab trees to life.



A Truly Gratifying Experience


Never have I had an experience quite as amazing as Kruger. The photography opportunities were unparalleled to anything you can find in the U.S for wildlife. Spend a few days traveling in both the Mpumalanga and Limpopo province of Kruger for a chance to experience all that a true safari has to offer.