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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

You and I have been through a lot. It all started when I entered junior high and was suddenly surrounded by other brows, other shapes, other arches, other “fish in the sea.” But I was stuck with you.

Your shape was undesirable to me, and your very existence plagued me. Two dark caterpillars plastered onto my forehead. You were everything I didn’t want you to be.

I tried to force change into you, tweezing and waxing at every chance I could get. You became thin and emaciated, and you looked horrible on me. Our relationship only became more strained as the months and years went by.

During senior year of high school, we broke up. I let you go your own way and do your own thing. We took time for ourselves and you flourished without me, blooming back into your original color and thickness. I grew to admire your persistence, and decided to continue letting you do you.


Along came 2015, the Year of the Eyebrow. All around social media were photos of perfectly sculpted brows, thick and full, natural but tame. I knew that you and I had a shot at something really beautiful together.

We tried, and we failed. Once again, I let my tweezers get the best of me, and we fought for months. Sometimes you won, sometimes I did. After growing tired of the animosity, we made a truce.

We finally learned to listen to each other and not take the advice of others on the internet. We still have our ups and downs, but we’ve learned a lot about each other over the years. We now know that we can conquer anything together with a little help from some eyebrow gel and an eyebrow pencil.

We’re not perfect, but we belong together.

Thank you for sticking with me all these years, and thank you for growing back after the horrors of 2011.


I love politics, our Mother Earth, singing in the car, and cuddling my cat until he gets tired of me.
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor