Ogden Twilight Concert Series: Matt and Kim

Brooklyn-based electronic dance-punk duo Matt and Kim kicked off the month of August for the Ogden Twilight Concert Series with their Friday, August 2nd show. The band is still riding the high of their sixth studio album release, “Almost Everyday,” which debuted May 2018. 

As you made your way through the security line for the show, a sign warned this would be an “adult show,” leaving concert goers curious to what exactly they had signed up for. The local Ogden band Ugly Boys were the first to take the stage, followed by the Ladies of LCD Soundsystem, both warming the audience up for the unhinged energy to come.

Aside from Matt and Kim’s numerous visits to Utah, this is their first time playing Ogden. It was clear the second Kim Schifino and Matt Johnson stepped foot on the stage, they wouldn’t be holding anything back. Johnson, who provides vocals and plays the keys, explains he has few cites he consistently cites over the years as his favorite to play, and Salt Lake City has always been on that list. He urges the crowd it up, insiting that he’s not just saying that. According to Johnson, Salt Lake City's “got it.” 

And they really needed whatever it was today, as Johnson continues to tell the crowd it had been a rough day; Schifino even had tears in her eyes before she had even reached her drum set.  

Matt and Kim made the Ogden Amphitheatre feel like a house party, weaving in dance breaks and a few A$AP FERG and Drake samples. If their own upbeat songs weren’t enough, they offered the audience DMX and Van Halen covers. And if your eyes weren’t completely glued onto the duo during their performance, it was on the screen behind them, constantly showing GIFs of Oprah or phrases like “SCREAM FOR MORE COWBELL” and even “DON’T VAPE ON THE PIZZA.” 

Schifino wouldn’t stay behind her drum set for too long at any given time, constantly jumping on top for her opportunity to pump up the crowd with her infectious, impossible-to-ignore energy. It is clear the duo genuinely adore what they do, each other, and their audience- Schifino even trades her mesh tank top with a male audience member's Baywatch tank she wore for a few songs. 

Closing with fan favorite “Let’s Go,” balloons and confetti filled the air, and the duo constantly reiterate how much they needed this night, and the deep appreciation they had for the audience giving it their all, just like they do every show. 

Any individual who wandered into the show with no idea who Matt and Kim were most likely left with a new love for the duo. Overheard while leaving the venue was, “I have no idea what just happened, but I liked it.”  

2019 Ogden Twilight Concert Series:

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