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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

As anyone who’s 21 knows that being 21 is the best thing ever! Even if you don’t drink, to be able to go out to certain events freely is such a miraculous feeling (sorry for everyone who isn’t 21, come back later). But some may think since we live in a highly conservative state where the alcohol restrictions are quite rigid, that there isn’t much to do. Well you’re wrong! I’ve mapped out a few fun activities one can do in SLC when 21, not all which include the consumption of alcohol.


Drag Shows

Salt Lake has become a huge scene for drag. For anyone out there who has seen ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ needs to know about all the big drag stars that are coming through Salt Lake! There are many ridiculously talented drag stars coming in the next few months to Metro Music Hall that you should definitely attend! For SLC Pride, we have my personal favorite, Naomi Smalls attending with Kim Chi. The b*tch from New York City, season ten winner Aquaria, will also be performing at Metro on June 14th. Opposed from TV star drag queens, there are also many local drag shows at Metro that are super energetic and entertaining events to check out on your free weekends.


Certain venues in Salt Lake require you to be 21 and older to attend, Urban Lounge and the Stateroom for example. Big names in the music industry pass through and perform at these venues. Finally being 21 and able to attend concerts held there is such a relief for me. These events do serve alcohol, that’s why they require you to be of age. Also make sure to support your local bands and musicians by attending their events at these venues as well and not just the ‘bigger’ artists.

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Wiseguys Comedy Club

For anyone who likes to laugh this is the perfect place to go with friends and enjoy yourselves over a couple drinks. Wiseguys is a comedy club where they have live comedy shows every weekend. Famous comedians such as Kevin Hart and Tim Allen have performed there. They also like to showcase local talent by having Salt Lake stand up comedians perform their live shows. This is one of those events where you don’t have to drink to have a good time (although it can be fun) but you can just go with some friends and have a good time; maybe a laugh or two.


You have to love a good beer with a good movie right? Then go to the Brewvies! This can be a fun date location too, where you don’t have to just go to the movies, but you get to go to the Brewvies. They usually only play a few movies at a time, but it’s the experience that’s what’s worth it. If you’re into more chill weekend nights than this is probably the perfect option for you.

Themed Events

Just a few weeks ago, The Urban Lounge held an 80’s night! Many bars and 21+ venues do themed events (80’s night is obviously the best theme though). Club Area 51 frequently does 80’s music themed nights. They do a Smith’s one fairly often, for all my 80’s sad boys out there. But aside from 80’s, Area 51 also does an EDM night where everyone dresses up and they play EDM music exclusively.

Piano bars

A classy way to go out to the bars is to go to a piano bar. They definitely make you feel very grown up and proper as you take your glass of Rose over to the table as the piano player plays ‘Baby Got Back.’ Keys On Main is a fun piano venue to attend; you can request songs for them to attempt playing on the piano which can be a really fun time. The piano players are really interactive and lively as they play those captivating song choices from the drunk bystanders.

Quarters Arcade Bar

In downtown Salt Lake you can find Quarters, which is an interactive hole-in-the-wall arcade bar. It’s like Fat Cats but for adults! They have a variety of games and old school pinball machines you can choose to play from. There are a variety of cocktail and alcoholic beverage choices you can decide from as you battle a friend in an arcade game.

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For everyone who isn’t 21 and just read this, I am dearly sorry. Read this again when you are 21 and can attend some of these exciting places and events. But for those of you who are 21, next time you’re sitting at home with your friends on a friday night drinking boxed wine, put on your heels and take part in one of these lively places that SLC has to offer.

I am an English major studying at the University of Utah. In my free time I enjoy writing poetry, reading, yoga and coffee!
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor