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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Weeks before the big weekend: 

My roommate has boyfriend who lives in Colorado and goes to CU. He was planning a trip down here to Utah to visit her which was so exciting, and he had talked to me about it for weeks before. As the time got closer Trey, Gabi’s boyfriend, was texting me to confirm the trip. Later that day I received a follow on snap from Hunter Brown. I had never heard that name before. I accepted, and he snapped me a picture of Trey so I made the assumption he was his friend and goes to CU which Gabi later confirmed, they were best friends and she had met him when she was last in Colorado. When she told me that I thought to myself okay so why does he have my snap? Next snap I get are from both Trey and Hunter and its a picture of booked plane tickets to Utah which was very exciting but weird to me that both of them were coming.

After that we ended up snapping everyday and started a streak, and whenever Trey and Gabi would FaceTime we would also be there on the other end. Long story short we ended up having little crushes on each other. Over the course of these few weeks leading up to the big weekend I got to know this boy. We would snap basically all day and would FaceTime some nights. The first night I actually got to know him besides his name was when Gabi and I stayed up all night. He for some reason was awake and doing the same thing so we FaceTimed from 2:30 am until I had to get ready for my class the next day at 8:25. I found out so much about him. I learned about his family, his faith, his dream car (bmw m6), favorite band (lany), what his passions were, etc. I shared things about myself and my life, even stuff that I don’t share with some of the people closest to me. I found it strange that I was able to talk to Hunter so easily even though I had no idea who he was. I figured it was because of the idea that “its easier to say things to someone over a screen”. After that we continued to periodically FaceTime and it was kind of nice getting to know someone even though I’ve never actually met him in person. Soon the weeks turned into days and then days to hours and then the big weekend was upon us.


Day 1: (Friday the 19th)

The boys decided to not contact us all day Friday so we had no idea when they were getting in. We were VERY anxious. It was getting late and still no sign of them, and Gabi had rehearsal so I ended up going to my friend’s dorm. Gabi finished rehearsal and they still weren’t in, so she walked over to our friend’s dorm as well. Once we got to her room I got a snap from Hunter. He and Trey were in front of our door. We started screaming, grabbed our stuff, and SPRINTED to our room, and at that same moment I realized I was about to meet both of these boys for the first time and it was the first time I got nervous. We got to the door and they weren’t there, then we went inside and they started banging on the door. Gabi went out to hug Trey and I stayed inside because it hit me that I had been talking to Hunter like a knew him, but I really didn’t. I was afraid that I was going to get attached to him. We had talked about getting attached on our FaceTime calls and how it was going to suck but I didn’t think about it until that moment. After knocking on the door again Hunter came over to hug me. The four of us just small talked and we gave them a tour of our dorm room. Then our girl gang showed up because we were going to head over to crimson nights, our school hosted event, and then a few parties.

Our friends left to get something so it was just us four again, and we were hanging out when all of a sudden he kissed me and. . . whelp was I shocked, I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. He was hugging me and kissing my cheek as if he was my boyfriend which I didn’t mind but I just didn’t expect it. We walked down and he held my hand and I thought that it was the most adorable thing. No one has treated me like that before and I thought it was even more adorable because we weren’t even dating. Fast forward through the night which included dancing at crimson nights, Deadpool, heading back to the dorm, and then straight to bed lol.


Day 2&3: (Sat 20th – Sun 21st)

Throughout the rest of the weekend we did so many things. We went to a pumpkin patch, took them to Arctic Circle, exchanged gifts with each other, took the Boulder boys to a Utes football game, went to some Utah parties (which they didn’t enjoyed very much lol.) On the last day Trey and Gabi wanted to spend the day with each other so I had to “entertain Hunter” as Gabi said. So we went to breakfast, then went back to the dorm, took a nap and after that I got dressed up for no reason. Since Hunter is a photographer he wanted to take pictures that day so I figured why not take him into the city and he can take pics of Morgan, my other roommate, and I. He woke up, Morgan got dressed and we walked to the TRAX. We got on and I didn’t really know where we were going. I figured there would be a spot we liked and we could get off, which is exactly what we did. He found a great spot and we took pictures, it was a relaxing and enjoyable day. Soon, though we had to head back because Hunter had to pack to get ready to go home. When we got home, Gabi and Trey were crying, and Hunter and I were cuddling and savoring the last moments we had with each other. Finally, it was time for the boys to leave, so they sprayed their cologne on our beds and sweatshirts, and let me tell you, it smells SO GOOD. They left cute little sticky notes, took one final mirror picture, and gave a final hug and kiss goodbye. Then they were gone.


After they left:

After they left I talked to my friends and they asked how the weekend went. I said it went really well. Then they asked if I missed him and I said no because how are you supposed to miss someone you still barely know? The weekend was so amazing! It was wonderful to see Trey and Gabi together for the first time and to see how amazing their relationship is. One of the best parts was meeting Hunter for the first time, although I was still afraid of getting attached. I had never met a boy like this before, so strong in his faith, incredibly smart, funny, has good morals, and not to mention extremely attractive in my opinion. Like how could I not get attached to him? My hope was to be distant so I didn’t engage in conversation very much with him. I’m not sure if he noticed but I was holding back. It was hard though because this boy was so incredible. I think its safe to say that I do miss him which is crazy to me. I don’t know when or if I’ll ever see him again but spending three days with him was better than never getting the chance to meet him. Thanks for a great weekend turbo <3




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