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My Thoughts on Trisha Paytas Coming Out as Trans

    Trisha Paytas, popular YouTuber and public icon, has recently come out as trans.  While normally I would celebrate anyone coming out, I find some of Paytas’ rhetoric and history concerning, especially concerning the young audience on YouTube. Here are some of my biggest concerns:  

Trisha doesn’t seem to know what gender is

During their video, Paytas says they identify as a drag queen because they are a man, but still enjoy dressing as a woman. This kind of talk may be extremely confusing to kids considering their gender. Paytas seems to be implying that clothing and makeup can define one’s gender. Just because you don’t wear makeup every day, Trisha, doesn’t mean you can’t be a girl. Paytas doesn’t seem to recognize that gender is a spectrum, and that gender expression can be shown in a multitude of ways. 

Trisha stereotypes the LGTBQ+ community

Trisha is apparently attracted to gay men, as straight men have offputting “masculine energy.” This seems to imply that gay men are not masculine, which is of course not true. Trisha has also come out in the past as lesbian, and then later said that they “turned straight again.” Trisha has said that being gay is a choice, and equated it to beastiality, as well as saying that bisexuality “isn’t a thing.”

Trisha stereotypes women

Trisha doesn’t identify as female because they don’t fit Hollywood’s stereotype. “I never wear hair and makeup in my day-to-day, I usually look crazy. As far as girly-ness goes, I never wear makeup, if I’ve got zits on my face I just let them go. So I’ve always just related to guys on that level.” Trisha doesn’t seem to understand that makeup doesn’t have to define your gender identity one way or the other. 

Trisha has a history of lying

There’s no question: Trisha has a troubling past. Besides sexuality confusion, Trisha once put a bag over their head because they didn’t identify as anything. In a video titled “im a chicken nugget,” which they apparently identified with, Paytas says that “I don’t think I should be considered crazy for identifying as such.” Trisha has also claimed to be vegan and then followed that video up with a meat mukbang.

Drama just for clicks

Many people have accused Trisha for being dramatic just for likes. Trisha seems to admit it, as they said, “You might as well monetize your heartbreak if the whole internet won’t let it go,” following with “At least I can try and use it to my advantage the best I can.”

I hope Paytas hasn’t come out as trans as a publicity stunt. Sadly, considering how attention-seeking they are, it seems probable. Young people look up to Paytas. Paytas has a far-reaching influence in social media and culture, so let’s hope that she stops using that influence to spread drama, stereotypes, and misinformation. 

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