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My First Impressions of Clare’s Bachelors

We’ve now been introduced to all of Clare’s bachelors, and for the most part it felt like a normal season of the show. There were a few guys that were altogether forgettable, some that had unexciting entrances but whom you’ll remember for one reason or another, and some that made rather interesting entrances. Like a trooper, Clare stayed cool and responded gracefully to each man’s entrance, which is seriously impressive considering some of the choices these men made… 

I’ve compiled a list of each entrance that left lasting impressions on me, good and bad, but mostly not great.


I understand Clare’s reaction to his entrance completely, I mean look at him! That man is one tall glass of water (not to be confused with Jordan, the man who described himself to Clare as a “tall drink of water”). 


I get the backstory, but why on earth would you wear a baby bump for your first meeting? It’s so tacky and off-putting. And why wear an extra layer UNDER your suit, especially in the southern California desert?  


I have never been more embarrassed for somebody’s entrance. The hand squeeze, Clare’s yelp of pain, and the sheer anxiety you can tell he was feeling all made AJ’s entrance a bit hard to watch. 

Tyler C.

Usually the “living out of my car” bomb comes later. Tyler’s entrance was a bit intense, to say the least. He was talking about children and getting the family into the car for trips and adventures before they could even broach normal early dating topics! 


Where do I even begin with Jay? It might be an understatement to say that his entrance was distasteful. The man came in with a straightjacket. Not only did he use it to make the joke that he was going “crazy” in quarantine, but he kept it on THE WHOLE NIGHT. Come time for the rose ceremony and Jay was walking down the steps to accept his rose while wearing his costume. Again, in that heat?  

Zach J

I don’t know how Clare was able to feign joy so well, and I know that I could never do it, especially over a farting ring box. Guys, take notes. Never use a joke ring box of any kind. It’s strange, uncomfortable, and an immature joke toy that adults should not use in serious situations. I can only imagine the thoughts running through the producer’s head who asked him about his limo entrance ideas… 


There was nothing wrong or weird with his entrance, but my first impression of Bennett isn’t great, mostly because of the scarf and the Ted Bundy vibe. I’m not saying I think he’s a serial killer, but I do think he has that conventionally attractive thing going for him that could mask any weird things he might be into. As was said in one of the recent episodes of “Chatty Broads”, he looks like the kind of guy that might wear your skin.  


He is by far the most impressive bachelor in Clare’s harem. As a doctor on the frontlines of COVID-19, he’s seen the worst, but his attitude was optimistic and he was outgoing and personable. Joe seems like one of those people you see at a party and want to hang out with because he’s so cool. And he made Clare origami, so there’s that.  

Obviously this was only a fraction of the entrances that we saw unfold on week 1. Someone parachuted in, Eazy jumped through a picture, and Chasen arrived in a suit of armor, but the entrances I discussed were the only ones that left a lasting impression on me. With 31 men on screen, the last thing any of us will do is memorize all of their names. We know they’re gonna start dropping like flies, so we just have to memorize a few until the pool has been narrowed down. As the weeks go on, it should be interesting to see if these first impressions hold true, or if the bachelors are shown in another light.

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