Movies to Get You into the Thanksgiving Mood

Now that the anticipation of Halloween has fizzled away and Christmas is still several weeks off, it is time to switch gears and get into a happy Thanksgiving mood. Thanksgiving is a pinnacle holiday in American culture; however, Hollywood rarely graces us with a Thanksgiving-themed film. Regardless, here is a list of films to get you into the mood to socialize with your praying family members. 

Fantastic Mr. Fox 

Fantastic Mr. Fox displays a warm color pallet consisting of yellow, orange, and brown hues that are perfect for fall. Based on the beloved, classic children's novel by Roald Dahl, the film follows the patriarch of the Fox family as he strives to provide for his family by raiding farms. However, Mr. Fox must help his family and community survive the farm’s retaliation when things go ornery. With its focus on food and family, Fantastic Mr. Fox is the perfect film for all ages during the holidays. 

Hannah and Her Sisters 

Considered to be one of Woody Allen’s best films, Hannah and Her Sisters follows three sisters Hannah, Lee, and Holly and their relationship during the year between two Thanksgivings. In the course of this year, Hannah’s husband falls in love with Lee. Meanwhile, Hannah’s ex-husband begins a romance with Hannah’s other sister, Holly. Trouble ensues within the family, which creates a fascinating drama that is complemented with great humor. 

The Graduate 

A relatable film that is perfect for anyone who is not quite sure what they want to do with their life yet. In the opening scene, the main character Ben Braddock walks solemnly around his parent’s party; all the while, older adults interject themselves into his conversations to pester him about his post-graduation plans. The film itself is about Ben, who is caught between a sexual affair with an older woman and her daughter, who he loves.


Though not traditionally a Thanksgiving film, this movie does focus on food and family. What more could someone ask for on Thanksgiving? Moreover, who wouldn’t want to watch a beautifully animated film about a rat who is passionate about cooking? Ratatouille is a criminally underrated masterpiece that deserves to be watched on every holiday.


Though these films might not all explicitly be about Thanksgiving, they contain the themes that are at the core of what makes the holiday special. Try watching them to inspire the spirit of Thanksgiving within yourself this holiday season!


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