Mitt Romney Slams Trump at University of Utah Forum

The words “reckless”, “bully”, and “greedy” were only a few of the qualities that Romney used to describe front-runner Republican candidate, Donald Trump. In a speech that the beloved conservative opened with a confirmation that he wouldn’t be joining the race—at this time—he explained his fears of the future if Trump were to be given the nomination as the Republican Party’s presidential candidate. 

Today, the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics had the pleasure of hosting Governor Mitt Romney, who spoke on the current state of the 2016 Presidential Election. As we all know, Romney holds strongly to his beliefs, and he continued to do so in today’s forum while delivering his oppositions.

“The President and even the nominees help define America to billions around the world,” Romney said with an air of disgust towards Trump and the way he has been showcasing himself and his ideas. It is clear Romney is fed up with the way Trump has been parading the Republican Party around, and urges people to look into Trump’s policies, and what he truly is saying.

With so many threats facing America’s future, it is the duty of our leaders to divert these threats, and to keep the interests of the people in mind. Mitt Romney spoke on economics, and foreign policy, and how Trump’s proposed policies would put the security of the nation at great risk. “Not every policy Donald has proposed is bad, of course. He wants to repeal and replace Obamacare, he wants to bring jobs back from China and Japan. But his prescriptions to do those things are flimsy at best.”

Romney encourages Republican voters to hit the polls, and no better way to do so than to bring up the heroine of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton. “A person as dishonest as Hillary Clinton must not be President.” He was met with enthusiastic cheers from the conservative state as he continued, “Polls say he’ll loose to Hillary Clinton. A Trump nomination enables her victory.” His direct statement shocked the crowd and led to cries of exclamation encouraging Romney to step up and run for the nomination.

Not everyone in the audience was a Romney supporter though, and he was met with students and the public shouting at him that he was a desperate, washed-up politician. Without blinking, he addressed his own character verses Trump’s. “Watch how he responds to my speech today,” Romney challenged, knowing that his words would anger the candidate. “It’s in his hands to prove me wrong,” he dared Donald. Romney, however, explained how anger has been used in the past to add fire to America, not used as a method of implosion. “Our anger was transformed into energy directed for good.”

Romney sees a bright future for America, something even better than our past and our present. “We’ve been blessed with great Presidents, none were perfect but in every case they acted out of a desire to do what is right for America.” He also celebrated the people of America, saying “People who put the interests of the country above their own.”

Before making an exit after his brief speech, he looked at the crowd and said: “America has greatness ahead, God bless us to choose a nominee that makes that a reality.” He then shook hands with students, faculty, and Utahns after a speech that will, without a doubt, anger a man whose “imagination must not be married with real power.”